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Aid and Comfort to America’s Enemies

Posted by MEC on October 14, 2008

While McCain’s surrogates have been portraying Barack Obama as a terrorist, McCain himself has more serious matters to attend to, like signalling that he hasn’t admitted defeat yet by hiring William Timmons to head his presidential transition team.

And who, I can hear you asking, is William Timmons?

He’s a lobbyist (oh, you guessed that part) who worked for Saddam Hussein.

Yes, that Saddam Hussein.

As a friend frequently says, if you want to know what the Republicans are up to, just listen to what they’re accusing the Democrats of doing.


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Paul Krugman Q&A; Luskin response DOA

Posted by Charles II on October 14, 2008

Calculated Risk has Paul Krugman’s debutante lecture here.

His stalker and National Review Online show us how to behave like twits and a–holes. Luskin titles his piece, “Krugman’s Posthumous Nobel. This year’s prize in economics goes to an economist who died a decade ago.”

The best part of Krugman winning the Nobel is watching Luskin dine on his own liver.

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Palin, begging for a FactFisk

Posted by Charles II on October 14, 2008

The infamous Hillsdale College reprinted a 8/2/08 speech of Sarah Palin in their 11/08 issue. The speech was delivered aboard the College’s Nuts Adrift cruise.

Well, it was actually called their North to Alaska cruise, but it should have been called Nuts Adrift. For example, Palin says that Alaska has sent 15 billion barrels of oil safely to the continental US. She curiously excludes mention of the 10.9 million gallons spilled from the Exxon Valdez.
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An encomium to Katharine Gun

Posted by Charles II on October 14, 2008

Heros and heroines never get enough recognition. They place their fortunes, their liberty, even their lives on the Divine altar, offering them on our behalf. They are almost always forgotten.

BBC image of Katharine Gun, who tried to stop the Iraq War
[Image from the BBC]

Katharine Gun was one such heroine. A junior intelligence officer in the Blair Administration, she released a memo from the NSA to GCHQ that requested assistance in a “surge” to spy on members of the UN Security Council to blackmail them into voting for an invasion. The document showed that the US was not sincerely seeking to avoid war with Iraq. I wrote on her behalf to the British Ambassador to ask that she not be prosecuted for a violation of the Official Secrets Act. She did escape jail, but is struggling financially. Here, at 33 minutes, is an interview of her. There’s also about 25 minutes of Robert Fisk.

Let us remember a great lady who tried “to prevent imminent harm and death to innocent lives.”

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McCain’s Mavericky New Economic Plan

Posted by MEC on October 14, 2008

Today McCain announced his mavericky new plan to rescue the economy:

  • Tax cuts on retirement account withdrawals
  • Tax cuts on capital gains
  • Tax cuts on unemployment benefits

I’m sure you’re as surprised as I am that McCain’s kneejerk response to the word “economy” is “tax cuts”. Just like Bush’s.

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John McCain, ACORN Supporter

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 14, 2008

It’s not just that McCain’s and the GOP’s attacks on ACORN are bogus. It’s that until this election cycle, he was buddy-buddy with them.

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Tuesday Morning Cat Blogging

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 14, 2008

Photo courtesy of longtime FDL commenter Southern Dragon, who was sent the picture by a friend. Meow!

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The Bank Bailout: Another Iraq

Posted by MEC on October 14, 2008

There won’t be any car bombs, I hope, but in one important respect the bank bailout will be just like Iraq: the government is farming out its responsibilities to cronies private contractors, with basically no oversight to prevent conflicts of interest and misappropriation of funds.

The government’s plan to make sure private managers of a $700 billion bailout plan are free of conflicts of interest is weak, according to some critics, and allows too much room for abuse.


Interim guidelines released last week require applicants to disclose “any actual or potential conflicts of interest” that may come into play. Applicants must submit a plan to show how they will “avoid, mitigate or neutralize” such conflicts.

While Treasury employees will oversee the plan, there does not appear to be anything in the rules that requires the government to make sure the applicants are being truthful.


Treasury can waive the conflict-of-interest provision.

I’m as surprised by this as you are.

(H/T alank in Oxdown Gazette)

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Prop 8: Responses From The Faithful

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 14, 2008

Some churchly types explain why California’s Proposition 8 — the anti-gay initiative funded by the Mormons next door in Utah — is not a good thing.

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