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Shorter Presidential Debate

Posted by MEC on October 15, 2008

McCain: “When I say ‘the American people are angry’, I really mean I’m angry.”

Obama: “The American people want someone who can lead, not someone who can only attack. Here’s how I’ll lead.”

The focus groups got the message.


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Will the Obama’s Plan Give You a Tax Cut?

Posted by MEC on October 15, 2008

For a comparison of your tax cut (if any) under Obama’s and McCain’s proposed plans, go here.

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Annals Of WTF?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 15, 2008

In the Minnesota Congressional races, Republican John Kline is attacking Democrat Ashwin Madia for doing what Kline himself does: Talk up his military service. And of course Michael Brodkorb, paid Republican operative, is reinforcing Kline’s attacks.

The hypocrisy of Kline is not particularly surprising here. What is surprising is that Kline and Madia aren’t even running for the same Congressional seat! (Erik Paulsen, Madia’s actual Republican opponent, is doing so badly that the NRCC has finally stopped wasting ad money on him.)

I suspect that Madia is the Tim Walz of this cycle: A Democrat so strong that, once he gets elected, he’s going to be impossible to dislodge. In fact, he could well wind up as presidential timber. The Republican Party of Minnesota obviously wants to prevent this from happening, so they’re telling their candidates and paid propagandists to drop whatever they’re doing in an all-out effort to take out Madia. Nothing else properly explains this.

UPDATE: Hey, Two-Putt Tommy from MNBlue just stopped by, with more data on Kline’s silly hypocrisy.

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Can no one see?

Posted by Charles II on October 15, 2008

I took a lot of flak for criticizing Obama over his statement that US troops needed to enter Pakistan in pursuit of bin Laden (I proposed Pashtun Special Forces should do the job). I pointed out that the presence of US troops was likely to weaken the Pakistani government, which was teetering because of Musharraf’s corruption and usurpation. Even though Pakistan navigated the election successfully (if by “successfully” we mean “with the assassination of only one very popular leader”), the present government is not much more stable.

Now a new reason has emerged for why waging large-scale war in the border regions is a bad idea. The London Independent:

Nearly 190,000 people are said to have fled fighting between Pakistani troops and Taliban andal-Qa’ida fighters near the border with Afghanistan, the United Nations refugee agency said yesterday.

The number included more than 20,000 Pakistanis and Afghans who had fled into eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province since early August.

Refugees create a ready recruiting pool for the Taliban and al Qaida, and leave the abandoned areas ripe for infiltration by terrorists.

If I, an ordinary citizen, can see these things and predict the outcome of our policy, why are our very best and brightest–people like Obama– so completely blind?

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CBS Poll: Obama Has Commanding Lead

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 15, 2008

The McCain Boys have been All Ayers, All The Time for at least the past week. And in that week, McCain’s numbers have nosedived among independents:

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is entering the third and final presidential debate Wednesday with a wide lead over Republican rival John McCain nationally, a new CBS News/New York Times poll shows.

The Obama-Biden ticket now leads the McCain-Palin ticket 53 percent to 39 percent among likely voters, a 14-point margin. One week ago, prior to the Town Hall debate that uncommitted voters saw as a win for Obama, that margin was just three points.

Among independents who are likely voters – a group that has swung back and forth between McCain and Obama over the course of the campaign – the Democratic ticket now leads by 18 points. McCain led among independents last week.

McCain’s campaign strategy may be hurting hurt him: Twenty-one percent of voters say their opinion of the Republican has changed for the worse in the last few weeks. The top two reasons cited for the change of heart are McCain’s attacks on Obama and his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate.

Obama is widely seen as running the more positive campaign: Sixty-one percent of those surveyed say McCain is spending more time attacking his opponent than explaining what he would do as president. Just 27 percent say the same of Obama.

Not that this is going to make Steve Schmidt and Rick Davis put away the slime bucket. It’s what they’re most comfy wielding, since the truth is not their friend.

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