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Posted by Charles II on October 16, 2008

Dave Neiwert has some great film of a Palin rally.

He also has some good, thoughtful discussion about Palin’s precise relationship to the Patriot movement. If you missed it, he and Max Blumenthal have done an important piece on the Alaska Independence Party and Palin.

Update: He also linked on Crooks and Liars a bit of film produced by the Wasilla Project. The Wasilla Project looks to be exactly what we had always hoped community-based activism would look like:

Our team is a group of friends who often work together on various film projects, and had a common interest in understanding who Governor Palin is. We feel that good media that’s informative and thoughtful is crucial to democracy. We sent the word out to family and friends and soon had raised the money for flights and hotels. We are volunteering to put together these films and produce this site. Our hope is that people who come to this site and watch our videos, will be similarly inspired…

Their budget is $9,000. They take donations.

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  1. Secessionist-Friendly Sarah Palin Visits the Pro-America Part of America…

    By Teh Nutroots | Whereas here in Blue Obamastan, we enjoy watching our remaining precious freedoms circling the drain thanks to the depredations of the Bush administration and are going to vote for the palling around with terrorists black guy. Jesus, …

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