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Sarah Palin Is Just Like You And Me

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 22, 2008

That is, if the RNC would buy us $150,000 worth of clothes in the space of two months — including $75,000 at the Minneapolis Nieman Marcus store.

As Jon Aravosis points out at AmericaBlog, that’s what the average American family spends on clothes in eighty years. Yet somehow I doubt that the same GOP/Media Complex that hyperventilated over John Edwards’ haircuts will care about this.

5 Responses to “Sarah Palin Is Just Like You And Me”

  1. MEC said

    This is offensive not only because of the waste of money.

    The RNC providing an expensive wardrobe for Sarah Palin tells us that her important contribution to the presidential ticket is how she looks.

  2. Charles II said

    The name “Marie Antoinette” comes to mind.

  3. Makes me wanna dig up the BushAntoinette picture and slap her face onto it.

  4. MEC said

    Chris Matthews just called Sarah’s spending spree as “the most famous fashion makeover since Eliza Doolittle”.

  5. Charles II said

    Eliza Doolittle had character.

    I suppose Palin does, too. It’s just all bad.

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