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The Mexican revolution enters its third year

Posted by Charles II on October 26, 2008

1. Watch your tax dollars at work in the tiny town of Xoxocotla, Morelos, where the teachers’s union dared to throw up a roadblock during a strike (subtitles in English)

(from Gregory Berger at Narco News)

2. Brad Will was murdered on October 27, 2006 during the Oaxaca uprising. He filmed the events leading up to his slaying. Raul Estrella photographed policeman Juan Carlos Soriano Velasco, a town official Orlando Manuel Aguilar Coello and state government member Abel Santiago Zarate, all carrying weapons and advancing on Will. He also photographed town official Pedro Carmona, firing at the protestors. But Will was shot from straight on. No one appears in the photograph, and so they must have been some distance away from the protestors.

So, of course, the prosecutor is blaming the protestors. Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno is being held for the murder, with Octavio Perez Perez and Hugo Colmenares Leyva accused of covering up. The Mexican government’s own human rights watchdog rejects this.

A hunger strike is being held at the Manhattan office of Sen. Hillary Clinton.


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Sanity Making A Comeback?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 26, 2008

Could be: The Bush administration is actually moving towards saner relations with Iran. No, really:

Several American media outlets reported on Saturday that President George Bush is likely to announce after next month’s presidential elections that he intends to restore the diplomatic relations with Iran, almost 30 years after they were suspended.

Quoting U.S. civil servants, the reports said that Bush’s decision to postpone the announcement until after the elections was meant to rid the two presidential candidates of having to deal with the controversial move.

In the first stage, the American administration allegedly seeks to appoint a low-level diplomatic delegation, and has already started the recruitment process.

Wow, Bush actually does something for the common worldwide good. Yeah, I’m gobsmacked, too.

This is probably why the neocon bulwark the Jerusalem Post has been freaking out lately: They wanted to see Teheran reduced to glowing radioactive rubble before Bush left office, and with both America and Israel now under governments that aren’t willing to do that, their blood-soaked fantasies will have to stay fantasies.

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A Particularly Significant Endorsement

Posted by MEC on October 26, 2008

The Anchorage Daily News endorses…

Barack Obama.

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