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Caller ID was made for these situations

Posted by Charles II on November 1, 2008

Sarah Palin pranked (pranged?) by radio CKOI in Canada (via DK):

Transcript here for those who don’t speak French.

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Posted by MEC on November 1, 2008

In a wealthy Detroit suburb, Shirley Nagel has taken partisanship to new depths. She refused to give treats to children whose parents support Barack Obama for president.

When asked about children who’d been turned away empty-handed and crying, she said: “Oh well. Everybody has a choice.”

Punishing children for their parent’s political preferences? That’s just mean.

No, wait. It’s not just mean. It’s petty, uncharitable, vindictive, irrational, and despicable.

In fact, it’s consistent with what we’ve been seeing at McCain/Palin campaign events.

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The good die young

Posted by Charles II on November 1, 2008

Sophia Tareen, Chicago Trib (via DK)

Christine A. Durbin, the oldest daughter of Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, died Saturday at age 40, according to a spokesman for the Democratic senator.

Christine Durbin died in a Washington, D.C.-area hospital from complications relating to a congenital heart condition. She had been hospitalized for several weeks….

“Most of the family was at her bedside when she passed away,” Shoemaker said.

My heart goes out to the Senator and his wife. It’s almost unendurable for a parent to have to bury a child.

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Unequal balances, crooked weights and measures

Posted by Charles II on November 1, 2008

An organization called is going around and finding every voter irregularity it can. In Ohio, they hoisted the double standard for a real treat: a few Obama workers from out-of-state who are in-state for a number of months registered and voted in Ohio. (See here for a print version). There is no evidence that these voters are trying to vote in two localities, nor is it particularly likely that a few hundred campaign workers could swing a state.

Palestra found a compliant prosecutor to interpret the law in their favor, and forced the Obama workers to withdraw their ballots. Why this should be done to election workers and not, say, a truck driver who spends most of his time out-of-state is not entirely clear.

Indeed, if a campaign worker doesn’t have a permanent residence in their state of origin, they could be denied the right to vote entirely. I wonder how many seasonal or migrant workers might be denied the right to vote by residency requirements.

Palestra– but not The Post– admits that two out-of-state McCain staffers were also found to have voted. But in their case, they’ve denied that they did anything wrong. And the prosecutor who is so swift to threaten to the Obama workers doesn’t seem to be going after them.

Palestra has a similar film about New Mexico

Palestra looks to me like a phenomenon to watch. High-quality investigative journalism harnessed to partisan purposes– it’s the kind of thing that can change the game. Too bad the Democrats don’t seem to understand that they need their own media.

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