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Mexico, November 2nd 2008

Posted by Charles II on November 2, 2008

The globalization of corruption. US and Mexico vie for most corrupt in narcotrafficking
(via Bill Conroy, NarcoNews)

As reported by Narconews repeatedly for years previous, The Mexican government is riddled with people on the payroll of narcotraffickers. BBC:

One of Mexico’s most senior police officers, the acting Federal police commissioner, Victor Gerardo Garay, has resigned.

He stood down after an aide of his was accused of working for a leading drug cartel.

His resignation comes as one of his top lieutenants is under investigation for having allegedly offered protection to members of the powerful Sinaloa cartel.

The Mexican press has alleged that the commission’s office allowed the cartel to smuggle drugs through Mexico City’s international airport.

It follows the arrest just last week of five members of the organised crime unit of the federal attorney general’s office – who face accusations of having passed on information to members of another cartel.

Plan Mexico and the failure of the Mexican drug war. Kristin Bricker, NarcoNews:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice refused to rule out the deployment of armed US agents to Mexico under Plan Mexico during a recent visit to Mexico. …

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Lay down your markers for Tuesday

Posted by Charles II on November 2, 2008

What are your predictions for Tuesday night?
These are the predictions of Johnny Wendell, KTLK-AM 1350 Los Angeles:

Obama wins, carrying the following:

  • California, Colorado, Connecticut
  • DC
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois, Iowa
  • Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana
  • Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota
  • Ohio, Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont, Virginia
  • Washington, Wisconsin
  • McCain gets the rest

    Senate–Democrats pick up:

    Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia. Georgia is undecided and will be run-off in December.

    Democrats pick up 28 seats in House, giving them 264-171

    Obama wins popular vote by 9.3 million votes.

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    Yet Another Shameless Coleman Ploy

    Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 2, 2008

    Norm Coleman’s response to the Texas lawsuit involving him and prominent patron and friend Nasser Kazeminy:  A misdirection play, trying to blame everyone — Al Franken, the local media, maybe even Rocket J. Squirrel — for what he’s couching as a scurrilous political act.  But that’s not flying very well.   As MinnPost’s David Brauer notes:

    Remember, the reason Coleman is making a big deal of the Strib is to somehow link Al Franken to the lawsuits (or, now, lawsuits). Yesterday, Coleman’s statement segued from the Strib receiving a pre-filing “copy of these false allegations” to Franken “running vicious, untrue attacks against me” on filing day.

    That attempt was underscored today by a misleading Coleman ad, but even now, the Republican’s case is no stronger. The Coleman camp has provided no evidence Franken’s forces knew in advance; the Republican’s very acknowledgment of the “unmarked envelope” indicates he doesn’t know, either.

    The Franken campaign has flatly denied knowing anything in advance. Franken also rebuts Coleman’s circumstantial link — ads referencing the incumbent’s D.C. rent deal and alleged “fourth-most-corrupt” status — by noting the claims were on TV well before last week.

    Franken’s campaign has sent out an e-mail denying, in no uncertain terms, Coleman’s allegations:

    Here’s the story: A Republican businessman in Texas by the name of Paul McKim filed a lawsuit this week against Nasser Kazeminy. Kazeminy is one of Norm Coleman’s biggest donors and closest friends – he’s the same man who flew Coleman on his private jet to vacations in the Bahamas and Paris.

    Only a small portion of the lawsuit has anything to do with Norm Coleman – but the part that does is incredibly serious. McKim’s sworn affidavit, since corroborated by a second lawsuit, describes an effort to funnel $100,000 to Senator Coleman.

    So are the allegations true? We don’t know. In fact, we at the campaign didn’t know a thing about this lawsuit, had never heard of this company or Paul McKim, until we read about it in the newspaper.

    Then came yesterday. Instead of answering these very serious allegations, Norm Coleman released the most dishonest ad of the year, blaming Al for the lawsuit.

    That ad is up on TV right now. And it’s a despicable lie. Al Franken had nothing to do with this lawsuit.

    Norm Coleman, faced with sworn allegations of a conspiracy to funnel him improper payments, is trying to deflect blame by lying about Al Franken in a TV ad. No matter what candidate you support or what party you belong to, it is a sad day.

    With just a couple of days left, the only way we can stop him is with the truth. After all, that’s what Al’s always been about: letting the truth carry the day.

    Norm’s stance that the Texas lawsuits are “11th-hour” attacks that he had no idea was coming is further undermined when one examines the record:

    Let’s be clear about this: On October 10, Norm Coleman volunteered on the record that “Over the last several days I have received a fresh batch of questions from reporters, fueled by blogs, about personal issues concerning… my wife.” He later explained the subject of those questions: “In recent days, outrageous questions and insinuations have been lodged against my wife about her employment.”

    In other words: Contrary to his claims to media on Friday and yesterday, when Coleman a) said that the media (specifically, the Star Tribune) first received information about the claims “last week,” and b) implied that this late, low blow could only have been the work of the Al Franken campaign, Norm Coleman — by his own account — had been asked by reporters about these allegations sometime around the first week of October.

    The fact Coleman knew what was coming much sooner than advertised sheds no light on the matter of Coleman’s likely innocence or guilt, but it sheds a lot of light on his claims of an 11th-hour Franken ambush in recent days — put plainly, his characterization of how this story came to light and what it probably means is false. Norm told us himself, on October 10, that reporters were asking after his wife’s job in early October. And he didn’t ascribe it to the Franken campaign. In fact, the outward purpose of that entire press conference was to call for an end to negative campaigning on both sides.

    This revised time-frame also lends more credence to the blogosphere conjecture in recent days that Coleman’s own 11th-hour lawsuit against the Franken campaign, announced on this past Wednesday, was a preemptive gesture to wrest the news cycle away from news of that other lawsuit that Coleman had known was coming.

    The DFL, Minnesota’s local branch of the national Democratic Party, has called on Coleman to pull his ad and to come clean about his involvement in the lawsuits — and also to reassure Minnesotans that he isn’t in danger of having to resign his seat because of his involvement in the lawsuits.

    Fellow Minnesotans:  If this ticks you off as much as it does me, consider stopping by  to sign up for some get-out-the-vote operations, or go throw a few coins Al’s way at

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    “Until death do us part.” The moral swamp that is John McCain

    Posted by Charles II on November 2, 2008

    “John, don’t be silly. You can call me anything…I’m yours until death do us part.” –Charles Keating, 1923- ?

    Sahil Mahtani, The New Republic (via t/o):

    Yet the Ethics Committee’s was not the only investigation into the [Keating 5] scandal. There were two other probes at the time that got barely any public attention – both of which largely focused on McCain himself. These were probes into illicit leaks about the proceedings of the Ethics Committee – leaks that repeatedly benefited McCain and hurt his Keating Five colleagues. One of those senators described the leaks at the time as a “violation of ethical behavior at least as serious as anything of which we senators have been accused.”

    The leaks, if they were coming from a senator, were also illegal.

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    Barney Frank Lays Down The Law

    Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 2, 2008

    Congressman Frank reminds everyone that bailout funds must be for lending. Period:

    Companies receiving public money under a U.S. government financial rescue program must use it for lending or they will be violating the law, the powerful chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee said on Friday.

    “Any use of the these funds for any purpose other than lending — for bonuses, for severance pay, for dividends, for acquisitions of other institutions, etc. — is a violation of the terms of the act,” Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, said in a statement.

    Frank was referring to a $700 billion financial rescue law passed by Congress earlier this month. The Treasury Department plans to use $250 billion of that amount to inject capital into financial institutions to unfreeze credit markets and restore lending.

    A growing number of Democratic lawmakers have demanded more restrictions on banks receiving government money.

    More like this, please.

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