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Monday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 3, 2008

— The Obama people move fast. I don’t think Cheney had finished his little speech endorsing McCain (just the thing Johnny wants — NOT! — when he’s been trying to distance himself from Bush for the past eight months) when Obama’s campaign had an ad up mentioning it.

— The Iraqis aren’t liking that Bush plan to keep US troops there for another four years. They’ve made a demand that they know full well the Pentagon won’t accept: Greater Iraqi control over what foreign troops and contractors do on Iraqi soil. Somehow I doubt that this deal will be signed before Bush leaves office.

— As if you needed another reason to vote for Obama.

— What was that about gun nuts supporting freedom? Dan Cooper was forced to quit his own company, which he’d co-founded, because of the violent and toxic uproar from gun worshippers over his backing Barack Obama for president. Makes me think of a passage from Thomas Harris’ Hannibal (kudos to Bryan Zepp Jamieson for typing it out lo these many years ago):

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Gun and Knife Show in War Memorial Auditorium. Acres of tables, a plain of guns, mostly pistols and assault-style shotguns. The red beams of laser sights flicker on the ceiling.

Few genuine outdoorsmen come to gun shows, as a matter of taste. Guns are black now, and gun shows are bleak, colorless, as joyless as the inner landscape of many who attend them.

Look at this crowd: scuffy, squinty, angry, egg-bound, truly of the resinous heart. They are the main danger to the right of a private citizen to own a firearm.

The grand irony is that most of the people who raised a fuss would never buy a Cooper rifle in the first place: They’re top-quality affairs, and most wingnuts are far more partial to cheaply-made shoddy stamped things.

One Response to “Monday Morning News Roundup”

  1. Stormcrow said

    IIRC, Cooper guarantees half-MOA at 100 yards.

    Half-MOA is not unusual in a rifle a real gun nut would consider a “keeper”. But a factory guarantee of such accuracy is something I’ve never heard of prior.

    Only thing I don’t like is the conservative wood stocks on most of their line. Synthetics aren’t as pretty, but they’ll never absorb water from the atmosphere and warp.

    The benchrest people “discovered” synthetic stocks decades ago. Synthetics were popular with the benchrest crowd for a reason. To that lot, a mere half-MOA is strictly for Visigoths.

    But the stamped metal things aren’t “cheap” in any sense of the word. A semiauto rifle of any quality (and quite a few military type arms are) costs like crazy.

    The tradeoff is semiauto capability and detachable box magazines and utter reliability, versus accuracy.

    A semiauto AK or SKS (which are not top-bracket military semiauto rifles by 2008 standards or even 1988 standards) may look like a POS. But it’s designed to function after prolonged and systematic abuse that’d turn most civilian rifles into nothing more than clubs.

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