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Posted by Charles II on November 4, 2008

Steve Bell's take on the election

Steve Bell of the London Guardian’s view of the election

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On Schadenfreude patrol

Posted by Charles II on November 4, 2008

The real battle begins tomorrow. The disloyal opposition:

To: grandpa jones

The seductive, manipulative, hypontizing, controlling

globalist puppet masters have pulled a lot of strings evidently successfully.

I still think McCain may win.

We shall see.

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Yes, We Can

Posted by MEC on November 4, 2008

President Barack Hussein Obama

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And so the wild ride of Mr. Bush came to an end

Posted by Charles II on November 4, 2008

(Well, technically not until January 21st. But as we know, Toad had one more wild ride after the one pictured below)

Adapted from a print of original painting by E.H. Shepard

Adapted from a print of original painting by E.H. Shepard

See to purchase an print of the original painting by E. H. Shepard (Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows)

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People Of The Lie Watch

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 4, 2008

#1: McCain supporter Hank Williams,Jr. caught lying about Obama:

The country-rocker, a campaign trail fixture who has penned a special song for the GOP ticket called “McCain-Palin Tradition,” suggested Monday Obama doesn’t like the national anthem.


The comments appear to reference a long-debunked e-mail rumor that Barack Obama refuses to put his hand on his heart when the national anthem is played. That e-mail stems from a 2007 photograph showing the Illinois senator with his hands by his side during a performance of the song.

The e-mail also stated Obama said the national anthem is a “war-like message” and should be swapped for a tune like “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

Obama, in fact, has never said those things.

#2: The proprietor of the climate-change denialist blog “Watts Up With That?” passes along selective and context-abused quotes of Barack Obama on coal. The truth is here.

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That other election issue

Posted by Charles II on November 4, 2008

Max Blumenthal:

Who is funding California’s Prop 8, the country’s most controversial ballot measure? The Mormons’ donations are well known, and are a source of outrage among the church’s more moderate elements. But little attention has been focused on two of the proposition’s biggest individual donors: Elsa Broekhuizen, the mother of Blackwater founder Erik Prince, and Howard F. Ahmanson Jr., the reclusive theocratic millionaire who inherited $300 million from his philanthropist father at age 18….

Though Ahmanson’s rhetoric has softened over the years, his politics are derived from the radical Christian Reconstructionist theology of R.J. Rushdoony, a far-right theologian who advocated replacing the US Constitution with biblical law. “God’s government prevails,” Rushdoony wrote, “and His alternatives are clear-cut: either men and nations obey His laws, or God invokes the death penalty against them.”…

The defeat of Prop 8 would be a nightmare for the Christian right. As Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said of the ballot measure, “It’s more important than the presidential election…

It’s never my purpose to give people nightmares. But it is time for these adult-aged children to grow up and drag out the monster from under their own beds.

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Senator’s Wife, Actress, Blo-And-Go Exec…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 4, 2008

insurance seller?

Funny how she doesn’t seem to have much (if any) of a record (or of a regular paycheck) in this field. As Lindsay Beyerstein says:

Minnesota records show that Laurie Coleman obtained her Resident Insurer Producer’s License on October 7, 2006.

Laurie Coleman is 51 years old and reportedly spends a great deal of time in California, pursuing her career as an actress. Coleman has been described in the media as a model, a ballerina, an actress, and an entrepreneur. Search as I might, I could find no mention of Coleman ever being described as an insurance producer, apart from the claims that have emerged in the wake of the lawsuits.

Gee, I wonder why that would be? Maybe this might shed some light on it:

According to separate lawsuits filed in Texas and Delaware last week a wealthy Republican donor funneled $75,000 from a Texas oil services company to Sen. Norm Coleman through the insurance company that employs Norm’s wife, Laurie.

The Texas lawsuit asserts that the insurance company did no work for the oil services firm. and that a so-called “consulting” agreement was allegedly just a ruse for shifting money to the Colemans.

Sounds like Norm might be joining Ted Stevens soon on the Convicted Republican Senators bench. Assuming, that is, he makes it past today.

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And So It Begins

Posted by MEC on November 4, 2008

The villages of Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location, New Hampshire, traditionally report the first returns on Election Day: their residents gather just after midnight to cast their ballots.

For the last 40 years, Republicans have won both villages.

Let’s hope this year’s results are a harbinger.

Turnout: 100%

Dixville Notch: Obama 15, McCain 6, Ralph Nader 0

Hart’s Location: Obama 17, McCain 10, Ron Paul 2, Ralph Nader 0

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Slouching From Bethlehem

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 4, 2008

As the Bush-Cheney-McCain cabal bids farewell to the White House, they are leaving behind a trail of slime and ignominy that will endure forever, despite the worst efforts of much of the corporate media to conceal it. The folks at McClatchy-Knight-Ridder, among the few good guys in Big Media, have already written the epitaph. Here’s a taste:

Here’s to the American people, the electorate, for finally coming to their senses and voting for something different, for someone different and for a chance to fix the multitude of man-made disasters that confront us.

By their votes, the Republican revolution and all it’s wrought — an economic meltdown, two endless wars, class warfare that’s enriched the very rich and beggared everyone else and a treasury bulging only with IOU’s — will be crushed.

That revolution began to take root with the criminality of Richard Nixon’s administration, with its paranoid enemies list. It gathered steam in the time of Ronald Reagan and with Newt Gingrich’s seizure of Congress.

To be sure, there have been pauses, first during Jimmy Carter’s four years and then during Bill Clinton’s eight, in the GOP’s rush to recover — with interest — the presidential power that Nixon lost to a second-rate burglary and assorted other dirty tricks.

High tide arrived with the unlikeliest occupant of the Oval Office in our history, the beady-eyed, smirking, tongue-tied, counterfeit cowboy George W. Bush, and a Congress that after 9-11 was run by runaway Republicans who were too busy enriching themselves and their friends to care what their president was doing to the country, the Constitution and even their own party.

Little wonder, then, that Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin will go down to defeat after a campaign of sheer desperation that’s been nasty, brutish and long.

Bush and his clutch of unindicted co-conspirators will leave Washington at high noon on January 20, 2009, two months and a few wakeups from now, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

It gets better from there. Go read the whole thing and share with kith and kin.

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