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Obama is beautiful world

Posted by Charles II on November 5, 2008

Via Martinis for Two

Obama is the name of a town in Japan.

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One more to win

Posted by Charles II on November 5, 2008

Jim Martin scored 46% to Saxby Chambliss’ 49%. In Georgia, that means a run-off.


There’s very little time to get him the money to see if he can change a few minds and get a few more people to the polls. You can contribute here. Notice that VoteVets has generously agreed to accept half the take for themselves, but that you can change the division of spoils if you feel you have been generous enough to them.

Progressives have helped John Boccieri (Ohio), Gary Peters (Michigan), Eric Massa (New York), Walt Minnick (Idaho!) win this time around to join Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak, Tim Walz, and Chris Carney.

Charlie Brown is in a race that’s hanging fire.

Electing veterans is one of the best ways to keep institutional memory in government of this era, so that we do not repeat its mistakes. Veterans (with the exception of John McCain) are sensitive to the needs of other veterans, and help us keep from letting pay, equipment, and medical benefits from falling below standard.

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Cindy Sheehan received 17% of the vote

Posted by Charles II on November 5, 2008

Amazingly, CNN reports the Republican candidate’s total of 9%, but not Sheehan’s 17%.

This is a very good showing against a sitting Speaker in a Democratic tide. Sheehan shaved 8% off of Pelosi’s percentage in 2004.

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Don’t It Make My Red States Blue

Posted by MEC on November 5, 2008



North Carolina!




New Mexico!



It’s a good day to be a Democrat.

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