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The Hope of Change

Posted by MEC on November 6, 2008

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has offered congratulations to Barack Obama.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad congratulated U.S. President-elect Barack Obama — the first time an Iranian leader has offered such wishes to a U.S. president-elect since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

One analyst said the welcome was a gesture from the hard-line president that he is open to a more conciliatory relationship with the U.S.

I predict that the Usual Suspects will claim this shows Obama is “soft on terrorism”. I’d say it shows his election gives us real hope for a safer world.

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Did Norm Coleman’s Sugar Daddy Finance Sarah Palin’s Shopping Spree?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 6, 2008

Lindsay Beyerstein has the story:

Two suit-related scandals rocked Republican politics in 2008. The first involved Sen. Norm Coleman and the second Gov. Sarah Palin. These sartorial scandals shared an unlikely epicenter: Neiman Marcus, Minneapolis.


Where did Coleman’s suits come from? Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis. How were they paid for? A wealthy GOP donor reportedly picked up the tab. Where did many of Sarah Palin’s lavish articles originate? Nieman Marcus in Minneapolis. Nicole Wallace sent Palin to Neiman’s to buy three suits. The Newsweek story implies that a wealthy GOP donor had agreed to pick up the tab for the suits, but was surprised when Palin went on a much larger shopping spree.

Here’s the kicker. Who signed for Sarah Palin’s Neimans’ outlay? Why, none other than GOP consultant and Coleman ally Jeff Larson.

All this makes me wonder whether the anonymous GOP donor was Nasser Kazeminy himself. How many GOP bigwigs run a tab at Neimans for Republican makeovers? Even if a another wealthy donor payed for Palin’s clothes, the episode might shed light on how Republicans do business in the Twin Cities.

Many observers wondered why Coleman chose “every gift I’ve ever received” as his suitgate soundbite. His staffers insist that he reported every gift he was obliged to report on his Senate financial disclosure forms. On its face, the declaration seems to imply that Kazeminy didn’t give Coleman any suits. If that were true, why wouldn’t Coleman simply deny that Kazeminy gave him suits?

What if Kazeminy bought suits for Norm Coleman’s campaign in the same way that Sarah Palin’s handlers allegedly acquired her wardrobe without actually giving it to her? Coleman was Larson’s boss, and Larson was Palin’s personal shopper. So, the Kazeminy theory partially explains means, motive, and opportunity.

Remember, Sarah Palin justified the clothes expenditures by saying that she wasn’t going to keep them after the campaign was done. Hmmmmm.

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California, The Arc Of The Universe, And Prop 8

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 6, 2008

The first time Prop 8 came up for a vote in 2000, it — as the Knight Initiative — won by 24 points. This time out, it only won by four. That’s despite forty million dollars’ worth of cunningly-done scare ads over the last six months. If things like GOTV had been done better by the No on 8 folk (San Francisco only had 50% turnout, for starters!), the initiative may have failed this time. I suspect that it will be overturned in the next few years, either in the courts or by a new initiative.

Meanwhile, some other news from California’s vote yesterday: High-speed rail passed. This is a very good thing.

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Alaska to send two criminals to Congress

Posted by Charles II on November 6, 2008

We were all shocked to learn that convicted felon Ted Stevens appears to have been re-elected to the Senate, though that could change with the addition of absentee votes. But Don Young, accused of taking bribes, has apparently been re-elected. Add in Norm Coleman, whose wife Laurie allegedly received money from a contributor funneled to her at the behest of Coleman, and we could see three criminals being re-elected despite their constituencies having received clear warning.

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