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All things are possible….

Posted by Charles II on November 8, 2008

Via Avedon Carol, a tremendous music video of Leonard Cohen’s Democracy.

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Just in time for Thanksgiving: Joe Lieberman hand turkeys

Posted by Charles II on November 8, 2008

Via Damozel at BuckNakedPolitics, Princess Sparkle Pony presents

Princess Sparkle Pony presents Joe Lieberman Hand Turkeys(TM)

Joe Lieberman Hand Turkeys(TM)!

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Know The Code: Translating The Dog Whistlings Of The Right Wing

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 8, 2008

Last Thursday morning, Orac at Respectful Insolence made a post urging Barack Obama, in the strongest possible terms, not to pick Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for any post involving hard science. There have been hearty, if not heated, discussions by the commenters of whether Orac was justified in his stance. Most of those commenters have been relatively adult about the whole affair. But there are those who show their moral and intellectual immaturity by constantly and falsely calling Obama a “socialist”. This surprises the non-American readers of Orac’s blog, as in places like Europe and much of Latin America, Obama would be considered a center-right politician. As one commenter said: “I’m agreeing with David here – certainly in the UK, the Democrats would basically be our Conservative party, and the Republicans would be a right-wing-insane-fringe party that people would cross the road to avoid.”

To all the European and other overseas readers who wonder why so many right-wing Americans call Obama a “socialist” when he most certainly is not: It’s why so many righties call him a “Muslim” (or, better yet, a “Muslim socialist“) when he most certainly is not: It’s right-wing code for “African- American person”. They know that they can’t openly admit to opposing him because of his race, so they pretend it’s because he’s allegedly things which they know full well he is not.

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