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Another turbulent day on the markets

Posted by Charles II on November 9, 2008

Right now, Asian markets are soaring, Japan because of a slightly weaker Yen which is important to their export industries and slightly better machinery orders, according to NikkeiNet.

China is pledging a stimulus package of $586B. Since China has been the single largest source of growth, this could substantially improve living standards in China. Watch for commodities to boom. Taiwan has also lowered its interest rate. For some reason, the Japanese think that the Chinese are going to borrow in yen, because interest rates are low in Japan. But… aren’t the Chinese going to have to use dollars as collateral, and isn’t that going to tank the dollar? As Rachel Maddow might say, “Talk me down.”

The bad news: insurance giant AIG may have burned through $85B in just a few short weeks. In any event, it’s coming back for a sweeter deal, seeking to convert debt into preferred shares. If I were nervous about rising interest rates and the strength of the dollar, this would make me more nervous.

Come to think of it, I am nervous about rising interest rates and the strength of the dollar.

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Commander in Chief

Posted by MEC on November 9, 2008

Throughout the recent presidential campaign, John McCain often said he was running to be Commander in Chief, as if that one presidential duty of many were the defining role of the presidency. The message, of course, was that the United States would be better off with a military hero in charge than with someone who had no military experience.

BBC article made me realize just how big a fallacy that is. Since 1992, the candidate with lesser military credentials has consistently gotten into the White House.

1992 – Bill Clinton (no military service) vs. George H.W. Bush (WWII veteran)

1996 – Bill Clinton (no military service) vs. Bob Dole (disabled WWII veteran)

2000 – George W. Bush (questionable National Guard record) vs. Al Gore (volunteered for active duty in Vietnam)

2004 – George W. Bush (questionable National Guard record) vs. John Kerry (Vietnam veteran, decorated war hero)

2008 – Barack Obama (no military service) vs. John McCain (Vietnam veteran and POW)

Even allowing for the questionable outcomes of the 2000 and 2004 elections, the trend is significant. Apparently American voters think making war should not be the President’s highest priority.

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The Next Time Somebody Tells You America Is A “Center-Right Country”…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 9, 2008

…show them this:


Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: I guess a little explanation is needed here.

See, the Cons and their tame media allies are busy using the bogus “America is a center-right country” theme (along with lies about Roosevelt’s record and the New Deal) to try and cow the Democrats from acting on their renewed mandate. But as the data show, the Cons are lying through their teeth and gums on this. If the Democrats ignore the Cons and the rest of the GOP/Media Complex, they’ll do just fine.

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