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Sarah Palin does know that Africa is a continent (UPDATE: or does she?)

Posted by Charles II on November 15, 2008

Via Ken Silverstein, Harper’s… It turns out that many of the recent Sarah Palin is dumb stories are part of an elaborate hoax.

The story about Joe the Plumber being related to Charles Keating? Also a hoax.

Update: One of our posters, Invisible, points out to me that I fell for The Times’s tricky telling of the tale. Rather than use a hoax that actually traces to “Eisenstadt,” The Times uses the Africa story, which David Schuster mistakenly laid on “Eisenstadt’s” doorstep, but which FOX claims does not trace there. Whether it does or not, well, who really knows? One thing is certain: we don’t know for certain that Sarah Palin thought Africa is a country.

Charles Utwater and Mercury Rising, which actually do care about the truth enough to correct the record– as many times as it takes– regret the… error(?)

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Anybody got an audio analyzer?

Posted by Charles II on November 15, 2008

Monkeyfister has an interesting hypothesis:

The point that I am trying to make is that Low Tone Generation has ENORMOUS emotional impact on Mass Media consumption, whether it is noticed by the audience as a mode or not….OK. On with what I am trying to put forward here, and that is the emotional impact of tonality. What I am getting at is that no matter the message, people listen to it if it is backed by certain Low Tones. Specific Low Tones….What I am ultimately getting at is that tonality has effect. A certain Deep “E” or “F” or “G” note, typically “E”, played at a certain chord frequency can cause fear, and subsequently scare the living [edit] out of millions of Television viewers, if those viewers are also seeing scary visuals and the newscaster is mouthing scary words….

If you guessed that this was headed in the direction of FOX, you’d be correct. He thinks that FOX uses low tones as part of a means of manipulating viewers into a state of panic. A dog whistle, but at the low end of the range:

SCARY OBAMA/TERRORIST segments will feature DEEP Low Tone Generation.

Just before the Broadcast switches to commercials, the LOW Tone Generation very obviously cuts off. In order to REALLY hear it, you either need to endure boosting the Mid-Lows on your EQ, or boosting your volume really high. But the “CRISIS!!!!” bits on FOX News ALL come with HEAVY Low Tone Generation. A steady HMMMMMMMMMMM. At the Low “E” chord range. Ity plays below the newscast.

It induces, and reinforces the low-slopers to panic mode.

There are two interesting things here. First, it’s a testable hypothesis and second, if proven, it could be used to shut down FOX’s campaign of terror.

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Why we will bail out Detroit

Posted by Charles II on November 15, 2008

Alex Ortolani and Mike Ransey, Bloomberg:

General Motors Corp., burning through cash as sales slump, would cost the government as much as $200 billion should the biggest U.S. automaker be forced to liquidate, a forecasting firm estimated.

A GM collapse would mean “more aid to specific states like Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, and more money into unemployment and extended benefits,” Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Global Insight Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts, said yesterday in an interview.

Behravesh’s projection of $100 billion to $200 billion in costs dwarfs the $25 billion industry bailout plan that will be debated in Congress next week to prop up Detroit-based GM, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC….

The federal government also might “be on the hook for the pension benefits and health benefits” for workers thrown out of their jobs in an automaker collapse, said Dana Johnson, chief economist with Comerica Inc. in Dallas.

A bankruptcy would be really expensive and messy. Nationalization is probably necessary. Thank the Republicans for bringing national socialism to America.

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