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Good News (and Maybe Not So Good) for Internet Users

Posted by MEC on November 17, 2008

When I saw this CNET article about the people selected for President-Elect Obama’s FCC review team, I immediately did a Google search to find out whether they’d taken positions on Net Neutrality.

The team’s two leaders, Professor Susan Crawford of the University of Michigan Law School and former FCC staffer Kevin Werbach, are long-time Net Neutrality advocates.

Professor Crawford believes Internet access is a utility, “like water, electricity, sewage systems”. I foresee some policy changes, and some unhappy telecom executives when those policies give universal, affordable access priority over corporate profits.

Now for the “maybe not so good”. The Wired article that gave me the good news for Net Neutrality listed members of other tech-related review teams. The review team for Justice and Civil Rights includes Tom Perelli, a partner in the D.C. office of the Jenner & Block law firm. Jenner & Block are the Recording Industry Association of America’s lawyers. That would be the RIAA that has had such a repressive effect on copyright legislation, protecting the profits of big corporations at the expense of consumers and artists. The Obama Administration needs to include defenders of fair usage and the free flow of ideas, not just allies of the corporations on this issue.

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