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“Kill The Beast! Cut His Throat! Spill His Blood!”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 18, 2008

From page 156 of one of the most-banned books ever:

“Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!”

The blue-white scar was constant, the noise unendurable. Simon was crying out something about a dead man on a hill.

“Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!”

The sticks fell and the mouth of the new circle crunched and screamed. The beast was on its knees in the center, its arms folded over its face. It was crying out against the abominable noise, something about a dead body on the hill. The beast struggled forward, broke the ring, and fell over the steep edge of the rock to the sand by the water. At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore. There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws.

I didn’t think it would happen quite this soon. I thought that maybe the tribes would wait until inauguration day. I was wrong.

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2 Responses to ““Kill The Beast! Cut His Throat! Spill His Blood!””

  1. Charles II said

    This is pretty obscure, Phoenix Woman.

    If it’s a reference to the increasing unease about specific Obama decisions that don’t seem to gibe with his campaign or the feelings of betrayal at the retention of Joe Lieberman as chair of Homeland Security, I would call it a wee bit of an exaggeration.

    If it is a reference to right-wing threats to assassinate Obama, I could see it.

  2. Emphyrio said

    I blush to say this is over my head, too.

    Is Karl Rove Piggy? Did something happen I didn’t hear about?

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