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What were you doing when you were sixteen?

Posted by Charles II on November 20, 2008

First female Japan pro-baseball player Eri Yoshida
(image from College on The Record)

Just sweet sixteen, and said to deal a mean knuckleball, Eri Yoshida is the first woman in Japan’s pro leagues. She plays for the minor league Kobe 9 Cruise team.

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Did we really win Gulf War I?

Posted by Charles II on November 20, 2008

Eric Margolis:

A Congressional report just released this week has concluded that one out of four U.S. soldiers who served in the 1991 war against Iraq suffered serious, long-lasting, or even permanent neurotoxic damage from exposure to drugs and chemicals.

That means 175,000 American GI’s out of the 697,000 deployed to the Gulf in 1990-91 were [*] permanently injured in the so-called `bloodless’ war that was hailed as a great military triumph…
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Boumediene Wins Again!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 20, 2008

As do we all. He and four other Algerian Guantanamo inmates will be free men soon, thanks to US District Judge Richard Leon. Take it away, bmaz!

Now the best part of this story is that one of the five Leon ordered released is Lakhdar Boumediene. Boumediene has kicked George Bush and the criminal cabal that has assisted him in committing war crimes and illegal, immoral detentions so many times that you would think the Bushies are rented mules.

Indeed he has.

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The Change We Need

Posted by MEC on November 20, 2008

Henry Waxman will chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He replaces John Dingell of Michigan.

Although I’m from Michigan myself, I’m happy about this change. Dingell is a staunch ally of the auto industries, and has resisted reforms that would improve air quality, decrease oil consumption, and challenge the status quo at the auto companies. Waxman will have a broader view of the issues.

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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 20, 2008


Municipal bike fleets, to be rented or borrowed with a swipe of a credit card: An idea whose time has come the world over.

— The British National Party, a far-right group that is so unsavory that few outside of its leadership admit to being in it (and which is close in ideology and fervidness to our Republican Party), was embarrassed recently when a membership list was posted online.

Al Franken wins a key battle in the recount process.

— Speaking of which, Mark Ritchie, Minnesota’s Secretary of State and the person in charge of the recount in the Franken-Coleman election, sent out another e-mail missive. Here’s an excerpt:

We started the official recount this morning and everything is in good order. 

For the latest in the media, check out St. Paul Pioneer Press “The Recount Referee”, or read MinnPost’s “Former Senator weighs in on recount”.

To follow some of the debate on absentee ballots, watch the “5 Eyewitness News Truth Test” or “Media Matters: The media’s Minnesota debacle”.

To follow the daily numbers or read the recount rules go to the website of the Office of the Secretary of State at

Finally, for the really curious, you can watch a televised copy of the State Canvasing Board on the web, thanks to the MN legislature.

More news as it happens.

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Franken gains in recount

Posted by Charles II on November 20, 2008

Here, via Nate Silver. Also, a comprehensive map of where the votes are coming from at the Strib.

With 15% of the vote recounted, Franken gains 43. Coleman and Franken both challenge ca. 100 ballots. Recounts are from Anoka, Beltrami, Bigstone, Carver, Chippewa, Clay, Cook, Dakota, Douglas, Faribault, Freeborn, a few from Hennepin, Houston, Hubbard, Itasca, Kandiyohi, Lake, Lincoln, McLeod, Nobles, Norman, Otter Tail, Pine, Pipestone, a few from Ramsey, Redwood, Sibley, St. Louis, Sibley, Stearns, Washington. See here for map. Overall, these are red precincts. Duluth and Minneapolis have not been counted, while a fraction of St. Paul has been recounted.

Advantage Franken.

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