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Boumediene Wins Again!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 20, 2008

As do we all. He and four other Algerian Guantanamo inmates will be free men soon, thanks to US District Judge Richard Leon. Take it away, bmaz!

Now the best part of this story is that one of the five Leon ordered released is Lakhdar Boumediene. Boumediene has kicked George Bush and the criminal cabal that has assisted him in committing war crimes and illegal, immoral detentions so many times that you would think the Bushies are rented mules.

Indeed he has.

2 Responses to “Boumediene Wins Again!”

  1. Charles II said

    Not Boumediene, but the Center for Constitutional Rights. The initial counsel for Boumediene was Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr. This was joined to Al Odah vs. United States, for which the initial counsel was CCR and Shearman & Sterling, among others. But the granddaddy of them all was Rasul v. Bush. At that time, early 2002, CCR was very much alone.

    CCR, as well as the National Lawyers Guild, do some of the the most important work in safeguarding civil liberties. Let people know!

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