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BREAKING: Lefty Blogger Appears On MSNBC, Fails To Be Crazy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 22, 2008

Jane Hamsher’s taking the lead on opposition to Lieberman has generated waves in the TradMed, so much so that she was invited to speak on MSNBC this morning. Watch as she lays out the case against Lieberman — and for the power of the netroots — in a calm, concise, logical manner.

Meanwhile, as Howie Klein notes, Jane was also on NPR this week — and so infuriated up-and-coming coddled righty writer Jamie Kirchick, who NPR had invited to speak after her for “balance”, that he not only bashed her on the air (and so bizarrely that the NPR host actually dared to take him to task for not having the guts to say those words when Jane was still on the air and could answer them in real time), but also in a newspaper column. Kirchick was so enraged by Hamsher that he violated a key tenet of the GOP/Media Complex: Never acknowledge the existence of the popular left in America — and especially never do so by name. Ooops.

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JFK Memories

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 22, 2008

Over at Emptywheel’s shop in the Great FDL Borg, Bmaz has a good post on where he was when JFK was shot.

One of the commenters made this comment that really hit home with me:

I was in a Chemistry class at the U of W when it happened and as I walked across campus I heard some guys joking about shots being fired (it was before anyone knew it was serious) — I didn’t know where or about what from their remarks — but when I got into the student union and sort of smiled at someone, that person said ‘he’s dead’ —- and in that moment I knew even though I had not heard the name Kennedy up to that point —

with MLK, I was a teacher and had been in a meeting and then rushed to the King County GOP Convention — I was a precinct committee woman and a Rockefeller delegate to the convention (Washington was entirely a caucus state in those days) — at the start of the meeting the chair said ‘I’d like to move that we send a telegram to Mrs. Martin Luther King’ like with Kennedy, I just knew immediately what that had to mean and was stunned — it was like a punch in the gut

the GOP convention shouted it down — and on that day I became a Democrat — I realized I was in the wrong place surrounded by those bozos for whom a condolence telegram was too left wing

Remember, this was before the hard-righties went and purged out the saner Rockefeller types and glommed onto the Dixiecrat bigots. These people were relatively civilized compared to Tom DeLay and his ilk.

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