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But Aren’t Republicans Supposed To Know How To Fill Out Ballots?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 23, 2008

Funny how they could botch so many in Georgia:

A Republican-generated effort to get out the vote for the Dec. 2 runoff election has hit a snag as thousands of requests for absentee ballots have been denied because the applications were not signed.

County elections officials are contacting voters by mail, directing them to print applications from county or state election Web sites and fax them in by Wednesday.


Cobb County received about 7,075 of the cards from voters that were not signed, about 44 percent of the cards received. “We’ve never seen anything near that ratio,” registration manager Beth Kish said.

DeKalb County election officials have received 5,000 applications from the RNC mailing and rejected 2,800 of them.


4 Responses to “But Aren’t Republicans Supposed To Know How To Fill Out Ballots?”

  1. MEC said

    Because I’m cynical, my first thought was that somebody was sending in all those requests other than the people whose names were on them. The signature was omitted because the sender-in couldn’t reproduce the voters’ signatures.

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  3. MEC: Exactly.

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