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I Love Margaret And Helen

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 29, 2008

Here’s some of what Helen Philpot has to say about the Chambliss-Martin race and Sarah Palin’s involvement therein:

You see Chambliss is the guy who won the Georgia Senate seat from Max Cleland a few years back. Now pay attention folks because this is important. Chambliss suggested that Cleland was soft on homeland security. Cleland, of course, is a war hero – one who came home from war with three less limbs than when he began. Yep. Cleland lost an arm and both legs in defense of his country, but Chambliss defeated him with ads suggesting he didn’t have the courage to protect us from terrorists.

So Chambliss is an ass. That’s a given. His opponent in this run-off election is Mr. Martin. Now Martin has all of his limbs so Chambliss is not sure how to attack him. So he called in the Republican attack dog… a certain pitt bull in lipstick who apparently has more political lives than a pitt cat. Heads up folks. Sarah Palin is back and my heart goes out to all our dear friends over there in Georgia. She’s sort of like headlice. You can’t just shampoo your hair. You have to boil everything afterwards.

Just beautiful.

5 Responses to “I Love Margaret And Helen”

  1. renaissancelady48 said

    Thinking blog award huh! Then why to you continue with the same old Palin smears. As for Max Cleland he maybe a war hero but he enjoys sexually harassing women. And trust me I know I used to work for the state of Georgia. There was rampant sexual harassment and sexual trauma in the Stae of Georgia. It was so bad at one state agency, a movie was made about it. When I was wroking for the state little had changed.

  2. Charles II said

    Renaissance Lady,
    1. Do you deny that Saxby Chambliss defamed Max Cleland’s service, despite never having himself served?
    2. If there’s any substance to your allegation of sexual harassment, why didn’t the Chambliss campaign use it?
    3. Are you aware that Saxby Chambliss’s opponent is Jim Martin, not Max Cleland, so that even if there is substance to your allegation, it’s irrelevant?
    4. You accuse Phoenix Woman or Helen Philpot of smearing Sarah Palin. In fact, the only comments about Palin in this thread are that (a) she is a pit bull in lipstick, and (b) that she’s persistent? She has called herself a pit bull in lipstick, so (a) doesn’t qualify as a smear. A pit bull is persistent, so (b) does not qualify as a smear.

    Our anti-spam software automatically detected your post as spam and removed it. I dragged it out of the spam bucket to expose that thoughtless post to disinfectant light.

    Now, unless you have something constructive to say, take yourself and your headlice on the road.

  3. Fear not, Charles. She’s a typical drive-by slanderer. She won’t be back.

  4. jo6pac said

    Sad, your spam box must fill up pretty fast. There so many of them.
    Go Martin

  5. Charles II said

    Actually, the overwhelming amount of Akismet-flagged spam is commercial: gambling, sex, and drugs. There’s some that’s in Russian, lately.

    It’s not an onerous job monitoring the spam bucket, but it does take a stomach.

    I attribute the success in limiting trolls to taking prompt action with anyone who is here to shout, not talk. Our worst outbreak was over the Venezuelan recall election. Latin American trolls are every bit as nasty as American trolls, though it’s my perception they tend to spell better.

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