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Deep sea people

Posted by Charles II on December 1, 2008

We all know them, from the TV. They’re the deep sea people. In between working to Free Mumia and Legalize Hemp, they’re doing organic brussel sprout farming.

Or whatever.

There’s a lot of talk about how the crazy left is forming up the circular firing squad and undermining Obama even before he has taken office.

I hear something rather different. I hear some pretty well-educated and thoughtful people with some very specific concerns who have accepted that Obama is president, but reserve the right to work toward solutions along a different tack than he seems to be aiming for.

And now you can hear these thoughtful voices, too. For Phyllis Bennis’s analysis of foreign policy and Timothy Canova’s view of economics, click here. As a bonus, Rachel Smolker on carbon trading. If the player doesn’t start, go to for December 1st and rightclick/download.

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