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A Dangerous Game

Posted by Charles II on December 14, 2008

Iftikhar Khan and Syad Irfan Raza, Dawn:

Indian planes violated Pakistan’s airspace on Saturday, but fighters of the Pakistan Air Force chased them away, military as well as civilian officials confirmed late in the night….

Analysts, however, described as ‘meaningful’ the ‘inadvertent’ intrusion of Pakistan’s airspace in two different sectors on the same day for the first time in recent memory.

They termed it a deliberate attempt on the part of India to create a war hysteria instead of responding positively to Pakistan’s offers of cooperation in investigations into the Mumbai carnage.

Meanwhile, the Taliban torched 11 NATO trucks at the Bilal Terminal at Pandu Chowk on the Ring Road

2 Responses to “A Dangerous Game”

  1. opit said

    It’s possible the ‘dangerous’ game is being fanned with enthusiasm. links to his historical posts on the Kashmir – and I’ve noted a few on my ‘Links’ page.
    People don’t know the history of the British East India Company. If they did – British Army history points to the area of the loss of materiel being a problem for a long time.
    The BBC has a section too
    All of this links to one of the greatest gaping sores of European Colonialism : the Partition of India.

  2. Charles II said

    You raise a good point about partition, Opit. Arundhati Roy did a segment that addressed that on DemocracyNow.

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