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A war crime from the beginning

Posted by Charles II on December 17, 2008

Heidi Vogt, AP (via t/o):

The U.N. confirmed Friday that a mass grave in northern Afghanistan has been disturbed, raising the possibility that evidence supporting allegations of a massacre seven years ago may have been removed.

The Dasht-e-Leili grave site holds as many as 2,000 bodies of Taliban prisoners who died in transit after surrendering during one of the regime’s last stands in November 2001, according to a State Department report from 2002….

Witnesses have claimed that forces with the U.S.-allied Northern Alliance placed the prisoners in sealed cargo containers over the two-day voyage to Sheberghan Prison, suffocating them and then burying them en masse using bulldozers to move the bodies, according to the State Department report. Some Northern Alliance soldiers have said that some of their troops opened fire on the containers, killing those within. …

[Afghan strongman Abdul Rahim Dostum]… has previously denied the allegations. …

One person who came forward in 2002 as an eyewitness to the killings was murdered and his body found in the desert, while others have been tortured or gone missing, according to the State Department report.

There is no justice.

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Flight to dystopia

Posted by Charles II on December 17, 2008

Martin Wolf, FT:

So will the Federal Reserve drown the world in dollars…? … the answer is No.

Once inflation returns, the central bank will need to sell assets into the market, to mop up the excess money it has created in fighting deflation. Similarly, the government must reduce its deficit to a size it can finance in the market. …

Countries without a credible currency may reach this point [debt greater than ability to service it] early. As soon as a central bank hints at “quantitative easing” [i.e., printing money], flight from the currency may ensue. This is particularly likely when countries remain burdened under a huge overhang of domestic and foreign debt. Creditors know that a burst of inflation would solve many problems in the US ….Avoiding deflation is easy; achieving stability thereafter will be far harder.

Now, the thing is that the dollar has been plunging at a shocking rate. Read the rest of this entry »

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