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Back to the Future: Iran

Posted by Charles II on December 21, 2008

Interpress News Service has a Gareth Porter extravanganza on Iran.

Iran’s ties to Shi’a in the region.

Iran’s economy and ties to the West are central to leadership election. But irredentist Ahmadinejab has substantial power in rural areas.

Iranians unsure whether the election of Obama represents a new direction or whether he’s captive to the same interests that have dominated Washington. His early pronouncements have increased their pessimism, but they do understand he is not Bush and not McCain.

Analysts urge Obama to start setting up negotiations before the inauguration to avoid losing the initiative.

Can Iran and the US talk, or are Iran’s demands for comprehensive talks and US demands for Iranian cessation of uranium enrichment at cross purposes?

The full video can be found here.

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