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Melissa Etheridge And Rick Warren

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 21, 2008

I hope that this doesn’t kill her career (h/t Juan Cole, who probably lost a lot of readers over this):

I was told that Warren’s friends among the MPAC Muslim community had urged him to call Melissa Etheridge Friday night in the run-up to their being (serially) on the same stage Saturday night, and that he did so and they talked for half an hour. During his address, Warren mentioned also seeing Etheridge backstage on Saturday.

Local television in Los Angeles showed a short clip of Etheridge after the event asking gay leaders to reach out to Warren, just as they wanted him to reach out to them.

This stance was big of her, since she and her partner had planned to marry but were prevented from doing so by the same Proposition 8 that Warren worked for, and she was so upset she suggested she would refuse to pay California taxes since she is obviously not considered a full citizen by her fellow Californians.

Warren took the stage, friendly and ebullient, and implicitly complained about the bad press he has gotten since Obama announced he would read the invocation. He said that the media likes conflict, and where there is harmony there is nothing for them to report. When there is no conflict, he said, the media will create one.

Warren said, “Let me just get this over very quickly. I love Muslims. And for the media’s purpose, I happen to love gays and straights.”

He explicitly mentioned meeting Etheridge, and explained that he has been a long time fan of hers, beginning with her self-titled first album of 1988. “I’m enough of a groupie,” he said, “that I got her autograph on the Christmas album.”

4 Responses to “Melissa Etheridge And Rick Warren”

  1. So he’s going with the “some of my best friends are …” defense?

  2. Stormcrow said

    Yeah, Mahakal. Lame. HOW MANY TIMES have we heard this one??? Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick.

    But the implications for Obama’s administration worry me far more.

    I cannot say what was in Obama’s mind when he planned this.

    The only three reasonable motives I can think of so far are (1) political calculation, (2) personal animus against the LGBT community, or (3) Obama let himself get conned by a professional hustler.

    If the motive was political calculation, it’s arithmetic as bad as 2+2=5. Because, as I’ve tried to say before, authoritarian politics does not run to honoring a deal struck in compromise.

    If the motive was animus against gays, acceding to it is a failure of professionalism. I would expect something like this from the likes of Mike Huckabee. Not Obama.

    If the motive was that Obama got conned, I think that speaks for itself.

  3. MEC said

    Rick Warren loves gays so much he wants them treated like less than human. Swell.

    What part of Jesus’ message that how you treat other people is what matters to God [cf. the parable of the Good Samaritan] does Warren just not get?

  4. Charles said

    Gay marriage is an issue significant enough to Christians that it will take generational change for attitudes to change. That’s why, although I don’t think Obama should have invited Warren, neither do I think this is an attack on LGBTs or rank stupidity. Political calculation… well, at a certain level of government, everything they do is political.

    I would analogize the situation to 1967 and LBJ’s relationship with the Southern caucus. None of those people believed that there was a justification for discrimination, but only LBJ was willing to do anything to change the system. He didn’t cut his ties with the Southern Democrats, even though he knew they would rebel. He used them, and they used him. Except on Vietnam, he probably got the better part of the deal. It was pretty ugly, but most politics is.

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