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Another Bushco disaster that the media refuse to cover

Posted by Charles II on December 25, 2008

kingston-dike-collapsePhoto by TVA, posted on website of The Tennessean.

View the fill TVA film of devastation from collapsed dike in Tennessee here.

Anne Paine and Colby Sledge:

Millions of yards of ashy sludge broke through a dike at TVA’s Kingston coal-fired plant Monday, covering hundreds of acres, knocking one home off its foundation and putting environmentalists on edge about toxic chemicals that may be seeping into the ground and flowing downriver.

One neighboring family said the disaster was no surprise because they have watched the 1960s-era ash pond’s mini-blowouts off and on for years.

About 2.6 million cubic yards of slurry — enough to fill 798 Olympic-size swimming pools — rolled out of the pond Monday, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Cleanup will take at least several weeks, or, in a worst-case scenario, years.

The ash slide, which began just before 1 a.m., covered as many as 400 acres as deep as 6 feet.

There is no such thing as clean coal.

9 Responses to “Another Bushco disaster that the media refuse to cover”

  1. Marc said

    The media refuses to cover this?

    Geesh, nothing like starting with a title that is at best disingenuous or at worst a lie.

    I guess Google is beyond your capacity as a tool.

  2. Ahhhh, Marc….I believe that she was talking about the MSM not covering the story of the ash slurry slide. Most of the links you talk about from Google are from either local news outlets or the Internet.

    But….what exactly is your point, then?? That we have nothing to worry about about “clean coal”??

    Or…that the “damn the environment, drill, baby drill!!!!” politics of the Bush Administration have nothing to do with the present disaster?? (Must be them damn radical enviromentalists blowing up those dikes to promote their radical liberal anti-capitalist ideology!!!)

    Nice try, but still not good enough to cover the disaster.

    “Clean coal”…the latest oxymoron (like “compassionate conservatism” or “cheap nuclear energy” or “Joe the Plumber”) defended by morons.


  3. Charles’ point is this: Even if mountaintop removal and sludge weren’t byproducts of coal extraction and usage, coal would still be dirty because of the crud that burning it throws into the air. There hasn’t yet been found a way to scrub smokestack emissions — and unfortunately, there’s no economic impetus as yet because the carbon that pours out from coal-fired power plants doesn’t make a good raw material for carbon-fiber applications.

  4. Waterflaws - Denver said

    And, Phoenix Woman, the crud they ARE able to “scrub” from the smokestack emissions ends up in the fly ash like in this spill that was almost 50 TIMES the size of the Exxon-Valdez spill and loaded with heavy metals and microfine particulates. I think Marc should go roll around in it, eat it, and drink it for a few months.

  5. Waterflaws - Denver said

    Charles, I emailed several addresses at and complaining about the absence of this story on their news headline pages. Tonight is the first time I’ve seen a story about it posted there. Of course there were plenty of stories about IMPORTANT topics like Michael Jackson’s mystery illness.

    I also hate wading through all the AP stories that are virtually identical but listed as if they’re unique and independent from all the others. An AP story should only be listed once.

  6. Charles said

    Marc, The Tennessean itself suggests that the media are refusing to cover this story.

    Are you so sick with hate that you come onto the site of someone you don’t know and hurl accusations without even asking on what basis I titled the article?

    Waterflaws, thanks for the pressure. The story is leaking through the obstruction, mostly thanks to Amy Goodman.

  7. Stormcrow said

    Marc isn’t the brightest of the driveby troll set.

    Did you check out his web site? His whole world seems to be NASCAR.

  8. Charles said

    True. Never ascribe to (fill in the blank) when stupidity will suffice is a principle for the ages.

  9. Why should CNN and MSNBC cover it? Makes it awfully hard to take all of that “Clean Coal” propaganda money. And it would be very impolite to point out all of those “midnight regulations” BushCo has implemented in the waning days of the Bush Crime presidency. You know, like the ones allowing coal-fired electric plants (and their attendant sludge ponds and ash pits) adjacent to national parks.

    Years later when this happens again we can all say that “no one could have anticipated this would happen …” After all, this is not the first such ash pit failure, just the biggest … so far.

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