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Pro-Aristide demonstrations may herald change in Haiti

Posted by Charles II on December 27, 2008

On Flashpoints, Brian Concannon reports that there were significant demonstrations in Haiti. The departure of Bush could open the way for Lavalas leader and former President Aristide’s return.

Meanwhile, there is a little good news: AIDS has declined thanks to prevention programs. However, there is widespread starvation because the hurricanes devastated crops. With regard to repression of political dissenters, Ronald Dauphin has been held in prison for four years. The government refuses to dismiss the case against former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune despite a court order to do so. This prevents him from running for political office. Prisons are so crowded that people have to sleep in shifts. Prisoners–90% of whom have never been convicted of anything–are getting diseases like TB and beriberi.

Possibly the Obama administration will not be as hostile to Lavalas as the Bush Administration.

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