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Financial analysis, The Year of the Ox

Posted by Charles II on December 31, 2008

Well, it’s time to fess up to last year’s predictions and make some more.

The metaphor for 2008 is of an army withdrawing from one battle and re-engaging on another front. The challenge is to redeploy assets as opportunities develop, while not allowing inflation and currency decline to eat away at the underlying value in the meantime by holding too much cash. Timing and flexibility are critical, though being late may not be as dangerous as being too early. The matter is complicated by predicted slow growth/recession in the US, accompanied by unpredictable effects worldwide.
* Nice poetry, less helpful as advice. The correct advice, of course, was “Run and hide.”

The 2008-2009 market is potentially one of the most dangerous in a generation.
* That was a pretty good prediction. A better prediction would have been that it definitely was the most dangerous of two generations.

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Abu Gonzales rites rights writes

Posted by Charles II on December 31, 2008

Larisa Alexandrovna says that Alberto Gonzales is writing a book about his time in the Administration, which is really remarkable because he has testified under oath to not remember anything that happened.

My comment: It’s a truly original product. Every other page will be blank, making it useful as a diary, datebook, or coloring book for children.

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Roland Burris = Eugene Sawyer?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 31, 2008

That is, is Burris the weak-as-water divide-and-conquer stalking horse put forth by the Vrdolyak machine to get Obama’s seat back into their hands come next election day?

That’s what an Illinois Kossack suspects: Read the rest of this entry »

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