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The Past Twenty-Four Hours

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 21, 2009

Alex Ross' take on Obama (click on pic to order T-Shirt)

Alex Ross' take on Obama (click on pic to order T-Shirt)

A by-no-means-complete list of what President Obama has been doing since being sworn in:

— working on closing down Guantanamo

stopping the show trials going on at Gitmo

giving unjustly-fired USA David Iglesias the job he deserves

—  halting implementation of last-minute BushCo edicts.

—  engaging Middle Eastern leaders WRT Gaza.

Does this man ever sleep, or what?

[01/22/09 UPDATE: Thanks to Elayne Riggs and Stormcrow for correcting me on the artist’s name — it’s Alex Ross, not “Alex Jones”.]

9 Responses to “The Past Twenty-Four Hours”

  1. Erm, not Alex Jones, Alex ROSS. Alex Ross is a Chicago-based comic book artist who’s very, very well known in the industry, and even designed the official Oscar poster a few years ago.

  2. I was about to mention that before Elayne did. Alex Jones’ take on Obama might be interesting, but unlikely to be this one.

  3. jo6pac said

    Sleep that’s what you do when this job is over.

  4. Stormcrow said

    I caught the “Alex Jones” thing, too. Glad somebody brought it up. LOL.

    But I loved the picture! Kudos for finding it and thanks for posting it.

    Gawd dayam, his first 24 hours in office has really been a sight to see!

  5. Doran Williams said

    Has someone the knowledge and interest in generating a list of what George did in his first 24 hours, or even in his first week?

    I recall that one of his first moves was to rescind regulations regarding the level of mercury in drinking water, and another was to break his campaign promise regarding CO2 emissions. Any others anyone can think of?

  6. MEC said

    Doran, I don’t know whether it was literally the first 24 hours, but one of the very first things Dubya did was to reinstate the Global Gag Rule denying federal funds to any reproductive health program that might provide abortions (in reality, denying vital non-abortion-related health care to women).

  7. Thanks, Elayne and Stormie! I fixed his name.

  8. Doran said

    Early on, George signed an order making all Presidential papers unavailable to the public, or something along that line. Meant to protect his father, of course.

  9. And President Obama just deep-sixed that sucker. (See also MEC’s post above.)

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