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From the staggering account… of the Sermon on the Mount

Posted by Charles II on February 1, 2009

Cue Leonard Cohen.

Happy Muscovites cheer Putin's economy with tar and feathers party and torchlight parade

Shaun Walker, London Independent:

The Kremlin’s rule is beginning to look much shakier than at any time since Vladimir Putin came to power, after a series of protests in cities across its vast landmass this weekend by Russians disgruntled about the economy. And as the country starts to feel the effects of the global credit crunch, there are also signs of a growing rift between Prime Minister Putin, and his hand-picked successor as President, Dmitry Medvedev….

In Moscow, a motley band of communists, anarchists and liberals gathered at several points across the city to protest against Kremlin rule. At one spot, a dozen protesters taped over their mouths with white tape, held up white placards with no slogans, and handed blank white flyers to passers-by. Bemused by such a conceptual approach to protest, the police rounded them up and arrested them anyway, and the organiser got five days in prison.

Mr Putin has made several speeches blaming the economic chaos on America, and says he expects things to improve by the end of the year. State-controlled television is playing down the crisis, and most newspapers are also toeing the Kremlin line, but the internet is a worrying medium for those in charge, and offers a forum for dissenters to exchange ideas.

Sail on!


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Sunday Evening News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 1, 2009


— The same American banks that got billions in bailout money, and which have laid off over 100,000 workers in the US, have been begging the government for the right to import more overseas employees via the H-1B program. Say what you will about GM and Chrysler, but their share of the bailout money hasn’t gone to screwing their people via the H-1B.

Watch Jim DeMint get spanked by Barney Frank and a few CEOs. Invisible hand, baby!

— Remember Adam Putnam, one of the Fresh New Congressional Faces that was going to save the Republican Party? Well, the former third-ranking House Republican caucus leader got scapegoated for the GOP’s losses last year and was backbenched; he’s now decided to bail out of national politics and return to a dead-end position in state-level politics. Kinda tells you something, doesn’t it?

Charles adds: Howie Klein gives an endorsement to Doug Tudor as a candidate to replace Putnam. You can sign up for e-mail updates here.

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Soros: A Prophet Finally Getting Some Honors

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 1, 2009

Many friends of mine tell me that no paper in the US is as good as is The Financial Times at overall news coverage. Judging from this excellent piece on George Soros, they may well be right.

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