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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 5, 2009


— If the Gang of Fourteen Plus Lieberman really hates earmarks as much as they say they do, then how come the effort to strip some from the budget bill just failed?

— Contrast this silly posturing with President Obama’s putting the war profiteers on notice.

— I love Margaret and Helen.

— Oh, and somebody must have threatened to use force of arms to get Turdblossom to show up and testify before Congress.

— Meanwhile, Sasha and Malia can now play on a new swing set while their daddy watches them from his home office.

One Response to “Thursday Morning News Roundup”

  1. Charles II said

    Don’t crow too soon on the Omnibus Appropriations Bill (HR 1105). According to AP, it has been introduced in the Senate in a form that it can be filibustered. Therefore, it will likely need a half dozen Republican votes. While one would guess that it’s likely to get them, it’s not a done deal. And it’s just the opening salvo in this year’s budget battle.

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