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Monday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 9, 2009


CNBC blowhards rendered delightfully speechless after Jon Stewart’s epic and unassailable takedown of them.

Frank Schaeffer, whose father helped create the modern-day “religious right”, has a message for the Rush-worshipping Republicans and the GOP in general: “When your new leader Rush Limbaugh calls for President Obama to fail he’s calling for more flag-draped coffins. Limbaugh is the new ‘Hanoi Jane.'”

Landlord Nation? In a trend that shows signs of spreading to other cities, out-of-town investors are buying up Detroit’s foreclosed houses and turning them into rentals or rent-to-own properties.

— President Obama is moving to undo Bush’s limits on stem-cell research, limits that essentially ended whole swaths of medical research in the US. Republican House Whip Eric Cantor sputters some nonsense about it being a distraction from solving America’s economic issues, when in fact taking the chokehold off of stem-cell research will help stimulate the economy by boosting medical-related R&D.

2 Responses to “Monday Morning News Roundup”

  1. MEC said

    I expected that Somebody would buy up foreclosed homes and turning them into rental properties. And if that collective Somebody is an absentee landlord, the people who rent them are probably going to find themselves in substandard housing with no way to pressure the landlord into making repairs.

  2. MEC: A-yep. Veness says he’s making frequent visits to Detroit from his perch in the UK, and is using local contractors to do maintenance and other upkeep, but you gotta wonder.

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