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Your Murdoch Media

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 14, 2009

“Economists Give Obama a Failing Grade”. That was the headline generated by a Wall Street (Murdoch) Journal story that was of course trumpeted by FOX (Murdoch) News and found its way to legitimate mainstream outlets.

However, an alert TPM reader drilled down into the WSJ’s poll, and found that even with it designed to provide the headlines they wanted, the reality is a bit different than advertised:

Well, look at the survey: 49 economists polled using a 0-100 scale. The catch is that the WSJ put that into a “school grade” mechanism, meaning that anything less than a 60 is FAILING.

Even with that skewed waiting toward failure, still 58% of economist gave Obama a passing grade!

That pretty much mirrors the non-rich investor class of regular Americans in the Gallup survey of 62% approval.

And of course, none of the economists were identified, so don’t be surprised if we later find out that most of them worship at the altar of Frederich Hayek and/or the Mises Institute.

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