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End of the Monroe Doctrine

Posted by Charles II on March 15, 2009

For almost 200 years, the US has used The Monroe Doctrine to make the Western Hemisphere into its sole preserve. I guess we let the British hang onto a few tropical resorts.

And now that may change.

Venezuela just invited the Russians to build an airbase on one of their islands, La Orchila, about 100 miles northeast of Caracas and about 2 mi x 4 mi.

[Update: Map removed 3/16]

Conveniently, they have a gas station right next door.

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Invisible History

Posted by Charles II on March 15, 2009

A great book by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould that unravels the deep roots of our war with Afghanistan/Pakistan. A very enlightening Q&A was on C-Span and will be back on Monday, 7AM Eastern. Most interesting was press culpability in spreading propaganda.

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FMLN ahead in El Salvador’s presidential vote

Posted by Charles II on March 15, 2009

With 72.28% of the vote counted, the left-wing FMLN candidate Mauricio Funes looks set to take the presidency.

Of course, in El Salvador, taking any power often means having the army on your side.

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New Material Repairs Itself When Exposed To UV Light

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2009

Light could heal materials from Science News on Vimeo.

Ultraviolet light is generally inimical to lots of things, causing them to break down faster — which is a problem if these things need to be out of doors.

So when I saw this Science News article (by way of SOTT) about a material derived from chitosan, the key constituent in lobster and insect exoskeletons, that repairs cracks or tears in itself (or the material — such as polyurethane — in which it is embedded) when exposed to UV light, I immediately thought of how useful it would be in, say, outdoor photovoltaic cell applications such as traditional solar panels or even true Solar Roadways.

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Good News For The Planet

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2009

One reason global emissions have gone up over the past decade is because even as other industrialized nations have pared back their pollution, China’s explosive industrial growth has dramatically increased its output of emissions. The global recession is cutting industrial activity and also emissions. In addition, China is working very hard to get off coal and onto wind — in three years it’s gone from have a thousandth of its electricity coming from wind, to 1.3 percent, a tenfold leap. It’s planning to step up the pace as well.

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A Glimpse Into Ann Coulter’s World

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2009

A Kossack who went to high school with Ann Coulter explains how Coulter’s background, hometown and family helped fill her with the toxic combination of arrogance, callousness and noblesse oblige that has made her so infamous.

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