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Could even the angels be so noble?

Posted by Charles II on March 21, 2009

DemocracyNow showed us what a true hero looks like. A Palestinian doctor, Abu al-Aish, lost his daughters and his niece to Israeli shelling. The weapons used were probably DIME weapons, since there was devastating damage to human flesh, but far lesser damage to the house. Despite the fact that his initial report was broadcast within moments of the shelling, despite the fact that he is well known to Israeli authorities and the media and even works in Israel, the Israelis denied access to an ambulance, causing the death of one of his daughters. Two daughters and the niece were young teenagers.

As the doctor stood in his home, with the rubble and the blood and the organ tissue still there, giving in layman’s terms a dry medical description of the injuries that his daughters and his niece suffered, he didn’t waver or flinch. And he did not call for vengeance. Instead, he called on us to rediscover the meaning of peace: “respect, equality, justice and partnership.”

Could even the angels be so noble?

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More good news from the (financial) front

Posted by Charles II on March 21, 2009

Via Calculated Risk: The US has seized check clearing operations that service many credit unions. While money in credit unions is and always has been guaranteed, it adds $10B or more to the bailout.

Via Fester at Newshoggers, PBS’ Newshour reported that the Credit Default Swap unwind threatens mass transit systems.

Via Atrios, we learn from Paul Krugman that Timothy Geithner wants to bet all his chips on… Hank Paulson’s plan. Hilarity ensues.

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Hey, Paul Krugman!

Posted by Charles II on March 21, 2009

It really should be “Hey, Nouriel Roubini,” since Krugman is still suffering from neoliberalism, but I guess that doesn’t scan as well:

Via Calculated Risk.

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Oh Noes!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 21, 2009

TPM links via its Capitol Wire newsbox to The Plum Line, a blog run by TPM’s own Greg Sargent, and which is currently touting a new American Research Group poll that allegedly shows support for Obama’s economic program dropping below 50%.

However, as Nate Silver demonstrated well and ruthlessly over a year ago, ARG polls are pretty much worthless.

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