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GOP To Dick Cheney: Go Away, Please

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 24, 2009

Because it’s pretty damned hard to make the case that the Republican Party is no longer the party of Bush-Cheney when the nastier half of that pairing keeps flapping his gums in public, doing his best Rush Limbaugh impersonation as he all but accuses President Obama of treason:

Another House Republican lawmaker who requested anonymity said he wasn’t surprised that Cheney has strongly criticized Obama early in his term, but argued that it’s not helping the GOP cause.

The legislator said Cheney, whose approval ratings were lower than President Bush’s during the last Congress, didn’t think through the political implications of going after Obama.

Cheney did “House Republicans no favors,” the lawmaker said, adding, “I could never understand him anyway.”


Rep. Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.), who is running for governor, suggested that past leaders should not be seeking the spotlight at a time when the party is rebuilding and redefining itself, after “hitting bottom” in the devastating losses last November.

“Interpret it however you want to, but what I’m saying is: We should focus on the people that will lead us tomorrow, not the people who led us yesterday,” Wamp said. “With all due respect to former Vice President Cheney, he represents what’s behind us, not what’s ahead of us.”

To the delight of some Democrats, Cheney, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele have attracted headlines in recent weeks.

Asked about Cheney’s criticisms of Obama, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs last week said, “I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy so they trotted out the next most popular member of the Republican cabal.”


6 Responses to “GOP To Dick Cheney: Go Away, Please”

  1. MEC said

    I note that the complaints about Cheney are all “it’s not in OUR self-interest”, whereas the criticisms of President Carter speaking out about Bush’s policies were all, “It’s rude and inappropriate and NEVER EVER DONE for a former president to criticize the current Administration.”

  2. Oh, exactly. If they thought it was making a dent in Obama’s poll numbers they’d be all for it.

  3. Charles II said

    I sure hope the Republican Party hasn’t hit bottom. It has so offended basic American principles that it should go away.

  4. Oh, and by the way, it isn’t: CBS – Obama approval rating goes up today:

  5. I agree with you, Charles. The Republican party should end. If it’s not a good thing to have a single uncontested party in power indefinitely, I’m sure we can divide the Democratic party once the Republican party is gone. There’s enough intramural disagreement to make that likely and appropriate.

  6. Charles II said

    The split is already there, Mahakal. The Progressive Caucus vs. the Bluedogs in the House, with many members in the middle. If this last election was more than a temporary swing, the center of gravity will swing toward the Progressives. The problem is the Senate, which needs to be plowed under. There are maybe half a dozen Senators that I would like to see there in 10 years. But this could well prove to be a temporary moment of power, as 1993-4 was. The malefactors of great wealth never go away.

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