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There Is No Justice, But There Is Is Irony

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 29, 2009

Remember Mike Doogan, the Alaska state representative and self-professed hater and outer of anonymous or pseudonymous bloggers?

Guess what? He just might be blogging under a pseudonym himself!

Per this Progressive Alaska reader:

Actually, Doogan (I can’t bring myself to call him “Mr. Doogan”) is actually supposedly a Democrat. Used to be a journalist for the ADN. Pissed people off left and right, and seems to pride himself on racking up detractors and enemies, much like a petulant teenager. He actually wrote a scathing opinion piece about Sarah the week she was nominated for VP. He is the author of some lowbrow detective stories staged in Alaska, and actually used to write a blog under an anonymous penname himself. Called himself “Billy Muldoon” Guess it’s OK for him, but not for anyone who might not be one of his fans. What a shithead!

I would use my real name here, but, like so many others in Alaska, I would be at great risk of losing my job because of Sarah Palin’s vindictiveness. (And apparently now, Mike Doogan’s as well). It may sound like a stretch, but it’s very real for many of us in this small state, where the Governor has appointed her BFFs from High School into many positions of power in government. Mike Doogan should be ashamed of himself, but, as is clear from the emails above, he clearly does not have that capacity.

Googling “Billy Muldoon” alaska turns up quite a bit — and interestingly, “Billy Muldoon” has now blocked access to his blog to all but invited guests. Hmmm.  (Even better:  Billy Muldoon, whose “Tribal Fires” blog existed to critique the Anchorage Daily News, was himself criticized back in 2005 for hiding behind a pseudonym.)

UPDATE: Doogan, according to Dawn Teo in Huffington Post (h/t Charles), is denying that he is in fact Billy Muldoon. At this point, I’m not sure if Doogan’s word is worth much of anything, as he has already been caught lying at least once about this issue. I’d like to see him prove it. In the meantime, he certainly didn’t seem to mind it when Sheila Toomey, his former colleague who sat next to him when he worked with her at the Anchorage Daily News, blogged under a pseudonym for a few years before revealing that she was “The Alaska Ear” — a point that Phillip Munger emphasizes here. (Not surprisingly, in light of Doogan’s having protected her anonymity/pseudonymity for so long, Toomey’s latest “Ear” piece is a rousingly tin-eared and mendacious defense of Doogan.)

3 Responses to “There Is No Justice, But There Is Is Irony”

  1. Charles II said

    What I hear is that this is a mistaken identification, that “Billy Muldoon” is not Rep. Doogan. Doogan does deny the charge.

  2. Stormcrow said

    This “hiding under a pseudonym” line is so naive, it exposes its author as either (1) hopelessly ignorant or (2) malicious.

    If the secondary education system wasn’t so completely broken, we’d be seeing “hacking” classes in the high schools, with the kids limited to a browser and search engines for tools.

    They’d come out of this much better aware of the degree to which online data (very much including their own) can be exploited with mainstream tools, inside the law, and completely below the target’s radar.

  3. Charles, at this point I’m not sure Doogan’s word is worth a pile of goat kidneys, but thanks for the update!

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