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Conservatives, ConservaDems block middle class tax cut and honest budgets

Posted by Charles II on March 30, 2009

Bernie Horn of the Campaign for America’s future has a worthwhile article on what the budget battle is really about.

They’d like us to continue to lie about the true costs of government rather than have an honest budget, so they’ll scream about deficits.

They want to block a middle class tax cut while preserving tax cuts for the rich, so they’ll scream about how this hurts small business (like they ever did anything for small business).

They want to protect the profits of the insurance companies while letting 16,000 Americans die every year from lack of health insurance, so they’ll scream about socialism.

They want to let coal companies continue to profit from pollution, so they’ll block the woefully inadequate cap-and-trade proposal.

In short, they are a disgrace and need to be removed from office. But all things in due time. Right now, they need letters and phone calls from you.

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