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Republicans In Disarray!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 2, 2009

— Watch as John “Get Off My Lawn!” McCain dukes it out with Mitch McConnell over who has the right to submit The Official GOP budget.

— Meanwhile, John Boehner’s April Fool’s Day elaboration of his original Underpants Gnome budget (the one that served to widen the fissures in the already-fractious Republican House Caucus) is, as Bob Cesca notes, insane.

— Catch a falling star: Sarah Palin, who not too long ago was being hailed as The Savior of the Republican Party and the front-runner for the GOP’s 2012 presidential nomination, has run into a spot of trouble lately. John McCain, the guy who lifted her from obscurity in Alaska, now says he won’t endorse her for 2012 — ouch. What’s more, She’s been booted from being the headliner at a key Republican shindig this coming June (and booted in favor of Newt Gingrich, of all people). Palin’s falling approval ratings (and her rising negative ratings) might could have something to do with this. So, of course, could the fact that she’s a high-handed egotistical lightweight who has finally hit her Peter Principle point.

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