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Trouble in paradise: allegations of Indonesian vote fraud

Posted by Charles II on April 2, 2009

Patrick Guntensperger, ATimes:

There is a rising risk that Indonesia’s next elected government will face an immediate legitimacy crisis if mounting complaints about manipulation of official voters’ lists are challenged by losing parties and candidates. That contentious prospect threatens to make next week’s legislative and July’s presidential polls the rockiest of the country’s decade-old democratic era.

Recent revelations that 27% of the names on the official voters’ list were fraudulent in the November 2008 gubernatorial elections in East Java province have cast a shadow over hopes for a smooth democratic transition at the polls. Police investigators in the pivotal province determined that of the 1.2 million names on the official voters’ list, over 345,000 were underage, fictitious, dead or otherwise ineligible to cast ballots. …Indonesia’s Independent Election Supervisory Committee (KIPP) and the Indonesian Voters Committee (KPI) have also alleged high-level fraud and manipulation of lists for political purposes.

3 Responses to “Trouble in paradise: allegations of Indonesian vote fraud”

  1. Stormcrow said

    FYI, Indonesia is stunningly corrupt. Right down there, in the toilet, with Nigeria and Cameroon.

    Makes even Bush Regime America look like a bunch of naive schoolkids who also know their parents are watching them like hawks.

    Anyone who doubts this need look no further than the games they are playing with their H5N1 isolates. Revere over at Effect Measure has been screaming at the top of his lungs about this for the last three or four years.

  2. Charles II said

    The “paradise” in the title is to be read wryly, Stormcrow. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Amy Goodman’s account of being in East Timor as Indonesian troops began the genocide there, but it’s worth reading. That lady is scary brave. Allan Nairn is even braver.

  3. Charles: A-yep. Reminds me: Eric Black’s biggest journalistic coup was his coverage of the East Timor genocide. He cared about brownskinned non-Christians when virtually nobody else besides Amy Goodman did — and certainly nobody else working for a mainstream media outlet. That’s what gonna get him into heaven.

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