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Christiane Amanpour Smacks Down A Right-Wing Gitmo Meme

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 5, 2009

Hat tip to icebergslim for posting this CNN-via-DKos video of Christiane Amanpour pushing back on fellow CNN talker Carol Costello’s attempt to push a right-wing “we must keep Guantanamo going” theme:

COSTELLO: Well, but some people might say that President Obama is giving the French some of what it wants and other European leaders like the closing of Guantanamo Bay and supposedly we’re moving the troops from Iraq very soon. These are things that Europeans wanted.


COSTELLO: I’m being devil’s advocate because some critics say, you know, President Obama is giving too much away, he’s deferring too much.

AMANPOUR: Can we just be counter-devil’s advocate? Obama is not closing Guantanamo for the Europeans; he’s closing it because it has caused the single biggest anti-American sentiment around the world and because it violates America’s principles, its morals, its rules of law and all of the rest of it. He’s not doing it for the Europeans, he’s not bringing the troops out of Iraq for the Europeans. He’s making his own considered judgment on the war Iraq for American reasons, those happen to be shared by the Europeans and that will help in that way, but he’s not outsourcing American foreign policy for any other country. It’s national interest and it happens to be one that converges with one of the rest of the world.

More like this, please.

4 Responses to “Christiane Amanpour Smacks Down A Right-Wing Gitmo Meme”

  1. *applauds*

  2. Charles II said

    She’s the only person I can think of at CNN who has real integrity. Jack Cafferty is the only one who comes close.

  3. shrimplate said

    Recently I saw Cafferty going off on how taxing the rich is soooo unfair, and it made me sick, frankly. I do not like him anymore.

    Amanpour, however, is one of the greats. There’s a special place in the history of journalism for her.

  4. Charles II said

    I remember when everyone on CNN was that way.

    Just goes to show how ancient I am.

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