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Just Trying to Beat Phoenix Woman

Posted by MEC on April 7, 2009

I’m just trying to beat out Phoenix Woman by posting the news from her state before she does:

Al Franken wins by 312 votes.

Two questions remain:

How soon the Republicans will file an appeal with the Minnesota Supreme Court?

Will Governor Pawlenty sign the election certificate or will he bow to down to the Republican Party?

2 Responses to “Just Trying to Beat Phoenix Woman”

  1. 1) Norm is under orders to drag this out as long as he can. Therefore, since he has ten days to lodge an appeal once the court makes the total official (probably tomorrow), he will wait nine days and twenty-three hours to do so.

    2) Smilin’ Tim has cited the Minnesota Supreme Court’s referring to the end of the contest as being when the last challenge has been dealt with — including appeals — in the state courts. This means that once the MNSC bounces Norm’s appeal, he will sign the cert. It’s either that or lose reelection next year.

  2. Meanwhile, we’re waiting to hear from the ECC so the clock can start ticking on Norm’s appeal process.

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