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Keep It Classy, Rupert

Posted by MEC on April 8, 2009

The Fox entertainment cable channel is supposedly a separate entity from Fox News. This brilliant idea shows that the former’s notion of “entertainment” is in the same gutter with the latter’s notion of “news”.

An upcoming series titled, “Someone’s Gotta Go,” lets employees of a small business decide which one of their colleagues will be laid off.

At least people volunteer for Survivor. Who gets to decide that a company’s employees will have to throw their coworkers to the wolves? I doubt that it will be the employees making that decision.

What genius at Fox believes that inflicting real-life misfortune on somebody is “entertainment”?

And besides these moral objections, how viable can such a show be? Not many people will find it “entertaining” to be reminded that they could be unemployed themselves any day now.

2 Responses to “Keep It Classy, Rupert”

  1. Charles II said

    ‘Wingers, like sharks, enjoy the spectacle of destruction, even if it may be their own.

  2. I saw that, too. Words fail me.

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