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Posted by Charles II on April 8, 2009

Jenny Wiggins, FT:

Mars, which owns the Mars, Snickers and M&M candy brands, is to spend tens of millions of dollars annually certifying that the cocoa used in the $10bn of chocolate products it sells every year is sustainably sourced by 2020.

What makes this particularly amazing is that the Mars family is not known for its philanthropy but is known for its rabid Republicanism.

5 Responses to “Schweet!”

  1. Phyl said

    There’s just nothin’ like forcing them to recognize which way the wind is blowing, eh?

  2. Charles II said

    Reality is a remarkably steady and patient teacher, Phyl.

  3. Mark Gisleson said

    Old school non-Bush Republicans are often real conservatives, and real conservatives understand these issues.

    Sadly, there are very few conservatives left in the Republican Party. I often argue that Obama’s Democratic party is more conservative (certainly less radical) than today’s Southern Fried Republicans.

  4. pt bridgeport said

    Mars has also kept its US factories running – for now anyway – rather than pulling up stakes from PA, as Hershey just did.

    I’m relieved that my favorite cheap sugar and cacao rushes are all either from Mars. Or from NECCO, which rents have driven out of its once eternal home in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, MA, but which still operates from the Bay State.

  5. Charles II said

    I don’t think that the Messiah has arrived on Mars, Mark and PT. The Mars Company just happen to be extremely dependent on a raw material that is getting swept up in Africa’s resource wars and, unlike the oil companies, don’t have the US Army on speed dial.

    But, hey, however people get religion….

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