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Chosen… by belief, not descent

Posted by Charles II on April 11, 2009

Bob Parry’s Consortium has a fascinating bit of alternative history by Morgan Strong:

But a new book by Israeli scholar Shlomo Sand challenges this narrative [that the Jews of Europe got there as the result of Roman ethnic cleansing following the Rebellions of the first and second centuries], claiming that – beyond the religious question of whether God really spoke to Moses – the Roman-era Diaspora did not happen at all or at least not as commonly understood.

In When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?, Dr. Sand, an expert on European history at the University of Tel Aviv, says the Diaspora was largely a myth – that the Jews were never exiled en masse from the Holy Land and that many European Jewish populations converted to the faith centuries later.

Thus, Sand argues, many of today’s Israelis who emigrated from Europe after World War II have little or no genealogical connection to the land. According to Sand’s historical analysis, they are descendents of European converts, principally from the Kingdom of the Khazars in eastern Russia, who embraced Judaism in the Eighth Century, A.D.

The descendants of the Khazars then were driven from their native lands by invasion and conquest and – through migration – created the Jewish populations of Eastern Europe, Sands writes. Similarly, he argues that the Jews of Spain came from the conversion of Berber tribes from northern Africa that later migrated into Europe….

Another cruel aspect of this irony is that the descendants of the ancient Israelites may include many Palestinians, who are genetically indistinct from the Sephardic Jews who were, like the Palestinians, original and indigenous inhabitants of this ancient land.

Haaretz has a piece here.

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From Hell’s Heart, The Bush Department Of State Spits At Cuba

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 11, 2009

The latest news on Cuba is the release of a 2007 report written by Bush State Department officials that accuses the Castro régime of, among other things, poisoning the pets of US diplomats assigned to Cuba with the alleged “apparent goal” being “to instigate dissension within USINT ranks”.

Funnily enough, I would think that such treatment, far from instigating dissension, would put the US’ diplomatic/spy ranks into Circle The Wagons Mode. To me it sounds suspiciously like the bogus “they broke Elian’s bed!” and “they broke the bedroom doors!” stories from 2000.

I wonder if this story is being released as some sort of pushback on the part of outgoing or burrowed-in Bush DoSers against Obama’s and the current Congress’ plans to try and put US-Cuban relations on something resembling a sane footing?

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