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Heavily Republican Georgia loads taxes on middle class/Updated

Posted by Charles II on April 13, 2009

UPDATE: CTJ has a new fact sheet showing how unprogressive our tax system has become.


Last Friday, the Georgia General Assembly passed a budget for fiscal year 2010 that includes a major tax cut for the wealthy (an exclusion for long-term capital gains income) and a substantial tax increase for the middle-class (eliminating a state-funded property tax relief program). A new report from ITEP concludes that if this proposal was fully implemented in 2008, the poorest 95 percent of Georgia taxpayers would pay, on average, higher state taxes than they do now.

The middle class voting for Republicans is like chickens voting for etcetera etcetera.

BONUS FACT: Rich now paying lower income taxes than at any time since the IRS started tracking it in 1992.

3 Responses to “Heavily Republican Georgia loads taxes on middle class/Updated”

  1. jo6pac said

    I Fu&%)^) love them and some how they stay in office by scarying the little people it’s amazing and sad. Will they wake up?

  2. Charles II said


    This has been another edition of complicated answers to simple questions.

    Seriously, the Democrats have blurred their brand distinction as the party of the little guy. Democrats have no clue (or are complicit) in flooding the job market with H-1B and other visa holders, driving down the wages of technical workers. Most have absolutely no clue about small business. I have worked with Democrats over the years to try to get them clued into issues of importance to the middle class, and my experience has been that it’s like talking to stones, without the interesting part after a very long time in the sun where you start to hallucinate.

    That’s why the country has been such easy pickings for Republicans.

  3. The big thing is that class differences have always been strongest in the South. The middle class has never been strong there, because the things that might create a middle class might — you guessed it — help blacks as well as whites.

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