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Dismissed. With. Prejudice.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 14, 2009

I was wondering what was taking the Election Contest Court so long to issue their ruling in the wake of the final vote count last Tuesday. Now I know why. They were crafting a 24-karat platinum boot to be sent upside the head of Norm Coleman:eat-it-norm1

Eat it, Norm.


5 Responses to “Dismissed. With. Prejudice.”

  1. Charles II said


    Wonder how the Strib and PiPress spin this.

  2. MEC said

    I like the paragraph about the Contestee being awarded costs.

    Point 2 says that “costs of the contest must be paid by Contestants, and Contestee and the Court shall prove up the applicable costs”. Point 3 says, “imposing a sanction on Contestants, Contestee is awarded his reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees in connection with Contestants’ failure to disclose”. The wording of Point 2 suggests that “costs of the contest” includes all of Franken’s costs, which I’d think would include the cost of dealing with the Failure to Disclose. Does Franken get reimbursed for that cost twice? Or are the costs covered by Point 2 not all of Franken’s recount-related expenses?

  3. This is a beautiful thing.

  4. I believe this is for the contest itself, MEC. Though it would be lovely if it were for the whole recount.

  5. Charles II said

    I wonder whether the federal courts have the stomach for trying to openly undo an election that was clearly decided as fairly as possible?

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