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Governor Goodhair threatens to secede

Posted by Charles II on April 14, 2009

Jed Lewison at dKos has the story.

Every time I think the Republicans can’t get stupider, they prove me wrong.

Please: tell me in what way has the federal government become more oppressive than it was six months ago.

(via Johnny Wendell of KTLK)

8 Responses to “Governor Goodhair threatens to secede”

  1. Doran said

    It isn’t so much that Perry is stupider — which he is — but that he is a tool and a hypocrite.

  2. MEC said

    I vote for “stupid AND tool and hypocrite”.

  3. Charles II said

    Doran, he’s standing out in front, there. He doesn’t look so much like a tool as a Republican presidential hopeful.

  4. Doran said

    What’s the dif, Charles?

  5. ShortWoman said

    As someone who lived in Texas for well over a decade, I have one thing to say: Bring it.

  6. Let’s see: They want to pull their congressional delegation from Capitol Hill — including their two Republican Senators? Fine with me! Say buh-bye, filibuster!

  7. Charles II said

    Good point, Doran.

  8. Doran said

    Thjnk you, Charles.

    With Perry & Co., it is all filibluster….

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