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Crazy like little foxes

Posted by Charles II on April 15, 2009 had this excellent cartoon

21st Century GOP

But I have to say that from what I saw, the Dems should take the (snerk) teabaggers seriously. The GOP has laid out its basic strategy for recovery: frame itself as the anti-government party and try to make sure that the government– that would be the United States of America– fails. We should recall the tactics used in Venezuela, because they are being used here: virtual total control of the media is being used to paint a false picture of discontent with the Administration. Talk of secession and calling Obama illegitimate and a dictator lays the groundwork for violence later on.

The Dems need to respond with demonstrations of their own, to show the GOP how isolated and out of touch it really is. I doubt they will, because they distrust the grassroots. We need more alternative media (kudos to people like The Uptake for what they do). It’s not too soon to start getting behind candidates for 2010. And we should expect a long, hard fight ahead.

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  1. Over at FDL’s Oxdown site, a diarist wonders if Fox will cover the Earth Day rallies as obsessively as they did the astroturfed teabaggers.

    And one reason that Teabag Day didn’t get quite the wall-to-wall cable and broadcast TV and radio coverage (outside of Fox, of course) is that it had to compete with a genuine populist phenomenon, Susan Boyle.

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